Moms of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids will love this: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) son going to prom...

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    His girlfriend (or so he says she's his girlfriend because she likes him) forced him to go to homecoming and now, yes, she's baaaaaaaaaaack and she's making him go with her to prom. This is how the conversation went between my son and me.

    Son: (no expression, but voice is a bit annoyed) Mom, T. wants me to go to prom with her.

    Me: Oh, L! How fun! Are you going?

    Son: I guess. She's going to call you and ask if I can go. (She does. She's a wonderful girl who was in Special Education with him. They are great friends and very good for one another. She asks if he can go and I say 'sure!'"

    (after the phone call)

    Me: So do you want to go out after the prom?

    Son: No! I don't even really want to go and I know she's going to make me dance. (Tortured sigh) I just want to go home when it's over.

    Me: But you're supposed to take her somewhere afterrward.

    Son: Yeah, some kids are going to a waterpark and they're staying up all night. I can't stay up all night. I just want to come right home.

    Me: (trying to cheer him up) So...I guess I'll have to buy you some new clothes.

    Son: (no expression in voice) I can wear what I wore for homecoming.

    Me: When is Prom? This weekend?

    Son shrugs.

    Me: You don't even know?

    Son: No. I hope it's not this week. My favorite show is on.

    Me: (trying not to laugh) Aren't you a little bit excited?

    Son: Actually, I'm kind of mad that she asked me, but I don't want to hurt her feelings.

    He just came downstairs and I reminded him that next week is prom and he said, in an angry voice, "I just wish that...never mind." And he stomped off to the kitchen.

    Autistic kids are so funny :faint: :)
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That is so funny, and so cute! Sounds like something my difficult child 1 would say. It's very nice of your dude to consider her feelings -- VERY nice. Did he have fun at homecoming? Maybe he'll reconsider going out with the other kids once he gets to the party. I'd suggest a Plan B in case he changes his mind and wants to go.
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    Oh, how I wish that my Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kid had a girl friend like that. He did do homecoming dance two years due to pressure from some girls but, alas, he graduates next month and will be doing none of the senior activities except the graduation ceremony.

    Finding a friend is my number one goal for him. He's so lonely. on the other hand, the dialog sounds similar to way he thinks also. They are such quirky kids. DDD
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    BestICan This community rocks.

    Love it! Thanks for sharing such a sweet conversation.
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    T. has latched onto him since fourth grade. Special Education was great for my son. A lot of the kids had skills he lacked and vice versa (he is VERY smart and he used to help T. in school). T. is very social and makes my son do things he would never do on his own. L. is mainstreamed now so he just sees T. at lunch, but they call each other sometimes.
    L. does have friends. They rarely do anything outside of school--his best friend is an Aspie. Nobody told me he's an Aspie, but it's so obvious that under "Aspergers" in the dictionary, his face could be there. I love the kid.
    But back to T., the girl. T. has some cognitive problems, but she is very good with life skills. Due to a large family and living with just her mother, she and her older sisters are in charge of the six younger kids and she's like their mother. She cooks and cleans and maintains the house, things L. will need help doing when he is older.
    I have silly visions of her proposing to him and then I won't have to worry about him when he's older. But I digress: L. will NOT change his mind about the waterpark. Socializing at the Prom will be enough for him. It will take a lot of energy out of him. Also, he's just a freshman. It's a small school so frosh can go, but I don't think he needs to spend gobs of money, which we don't have, on his freshman year fling at Prom. I would be happy to take them both out to eat. We'll see if he changes his mind on THAT.
    In the meantime, I'm getting a kick out of it, even if L. prefers not going at all. Once he's there, like homecoming, I'm sure he'll see his friends and have a good time. But he'll be happy when it's over
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    LOL, MWM!
    So much of that is typical of boys in general, but more obvious and exaggerated with-Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids.
    Now I know what to expect in the next few yrs. Thanks for sharing. I love the part about not knowing when prom is !!! LOL.
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    I'm glad he has someone his age that cares enough to "make" him go, lol! Maybe you could take them for ice cream afterward? He'd probably enjoy that!
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    Mine that's a senior was going to go to the prom (stag) but since none of his friends (both boys and girls) had dates, they all decided instead to go out to eat someplace nice, then go back to someone's house and play video games and such.

    His older brother thinks he's totally hopeless........
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    TM, I don't think any ice cream place is still open at that time, but GREAT! Make him take her! That's the He'll enjoy it. He just always needs a push :D
  10. tiredmommy

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    How about miniature golf?
  11. ML

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    I think this is terrific. I can see manster's R doing this too. She has always been the pushy, "let's go live life" friend that really chaps his hide lol. Of course she has her gfgness too and right now he can't stand the sight of her because he isn't good at protecting his boundaries so avoidance is where he's at.

    I sure hope he has a good time. Way cool MWM!
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    TM, I can barely keep my eyes open past 7pm :redface:

    I think we'll just take them to an in-town restaurant ;)