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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Mar 22, 2009.

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    My daughter in law and son have been taking a Biblical based financial class and have set themselves up on a budget. She has been looking for ways to save money. Yesterday they went out shopping and spent $75 but paid only $12.

    She told me about a site I got on this morning. It gives you all the specials at some nationally know supermarkets and drug stores + links for coupons. I made a grocery list, printed coupons from my computer and with my MVP card and coupons saved $60.00 at the grocery store. My total was $140----MVP -20 Coupons -40.

    I recognized some stores that a few of you have mentioned.
    You can link to coupon sites and print what you need.
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    Do they have similiar sites for other places? I live in the Northwest, and I don't see any of the stores I go to.
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    Wow- thank you very much!!
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    that's great.........thanks. DDD
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    Thanks! Not sure it is in my area but I will check it out. EVERY $$ saving tip is appreciated!!
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    I love this stuff! Thanks for sharing.
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    OH, this is awesome!!! :D :D

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    Well the best money saving tip I have for people (you know the type -- no impulse control...) like my husband is...

    DON'T SPEND IT! :p

    Better yet, GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!!!
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    It's a little hard to get started - but it's pretty cool if you keep notes and check regarding your rebates.

    Most of the rebates I get? I send to my Mom who enjoys that little extra cash a lot - plus it beats boring bill mail. She's on a budget so this was quite a surprise to her when she started getting checks in the mail.

    I also do surverys and sent the small checks to her. Every bit helps

    Can't wait to check out your site.

    AND - thanks very much.