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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Jan 28, 2012.

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    The past 2 nights, I have let the boys stay up until 10 to watch a good movie (NOT going to become a habit). They have different tastes so one is in one room while the other is watching something else in another room. Now, keep in mind that difficult child 1's Strattera wears off around 8-8:30. difficult child 1 has always had the habit (after 8pm) of being super-focused on his movie and then when a commercial comes on, he's playful and bouncy and on the verge of annoyingly "fun".

    Last night, difficult child 2 picked up on the commercial pattern and at one point difficult child 1 was dancing around the room difficult child 2 and I were in. difficult child 2 looked at him and said "let me guess, there's a commercial on"! LOL

    Tonight, difficult child 1 does the same thing during commercials, coming into the room difficult child 2 and I are in watching something else (commercial times were not coinciding) and trying to get difficult child 2 to goof around with him. It worked. UGH They would mess around while I am still trying to hear the movie UNTIL difficult child 1's show came back on....AND commercials came on ours. Grrrr After about the 3rd time, I said something to difficult child 2 like "gee, can you tell his ADHD medication has worn off?"

    difficult child 2's response....."Yeah, but I like him like this. He doesn't get crabby!"
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    Oh my perceptive kiddo!
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    I'm seeing a pattern here. Had heard parents of NT kids complain about kiddos watching commercials avidly, begging for stuff they saw, etc. We try to avoid shows with commercials because all H breaks loose while "we'll be right back ..." Videos & DVDs are where it's at!
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    Commercials are the one thing difficult child 1 WON'T I guess I'm lucky in that regard. difficult child 1's medications have just started wearing off now (doing exactly the same things he was doing the lst 2 nights) and difficult child 2 is complaining that difficult child 1 is annoying. Hmmmm......that's not what you said yesterday!!