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    Well, the more I research this the more I am convinced!! Now All I have to do is get some Gluten free CEREAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have recognized that Gluten-related diseases involve the absorption of complete
    proteins such as gliadin or its peptide-fragments. Anti-protein antibodies circulating in
    the blood and immune-complexes, combining antibody with food protein, provoke
    the release of mediators which may cause multiple disturbances in all body systems
    and tissue damage. These circulating problems influence brain function in a variety of
    undesirable ways.

    A family history of psychiatric problems is more common in patients with celiac
    disease. Celiac disease is genetically determined involving two or more concurrent
    genes. The genes involved are part of the immune-recognition complex, which
    determine the "Self" identity markers, protecting one's own cells from attack by the
    immune system. Celiac patients have an increased frequency of the serum
    histocomptability antigens (self-markers) of the HLA-B8 and HLA-Dw3 types. This
    genetic marker may indicate a predisposition for bowel absorption abnormalities or
    immunologic propensities that result, not only in celiac disease itself, but other
    contingent abnormalities as well.

    Schizophrenia has been associated with gluten intolerance. The diagnosis,
    schizophrenia, describes a variety of differing individuals who belong to complex
    group of brain-disordered people often with a chronic or relapsing disease that leads
    to dementia. The schizophrenic process distorts sensing, feeling, remembering,
    deciding, and acting. It is unlikely that schizophrenia is a single disease with a single
    cause. The milder, but similar brain dysfunctions observed with gluten allergy
    suggests that food allergy may play a role in schizophrenia, with gluten as a set of
    triggering antigens. Dr. F.C.Dohan consistently advocated a gluten-schizophrenia
    link. (Dohan FC Cereals and Schizophrenia: Data and hypothesis. 1966 Acta
    Psychiatr. Scand 42:125-42 and Dohan FC More on Celiac Disease as a model for
    schizophrenia. 1983 Biol. Psychiatry 18:561-4)

    Dohan stated:

    " Many diseases are caused by genetically-deficient utilization of specific food
    substances. Perhaps the best studied example is phenyketonuria... far more common
    disorders, for example, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease, are strongly
    suspected of being due to genetically defective utilization of certain food constituents.
    " Similarly, considerable evidence indicates that the major cause of schizophrenia is
    the inborn inability to process certain digestion products of some food proteins,
    especially cereal grain glutens..."

    Among Dr. Dohan's interesting an relevant recommendations is the idea of a "Gluten
    tolerance test". Such a test has not yet been developed, but is the sort of evaluation
    method that NP advocates in general. A gluten tolerance test could be initiated with
    routine evaluations before and after ingestion of grain foods. More sophisticated
    versions would measure gluten proteins and derived peptides in the blood, and would
    track the path of these molecules into organs, especially the brain. Finally the impact
    of these molecules would be evaluated by monitoring the function of the target organ
    in real time. I have been eager to do real-time monitoring of brain activity,
    topologically-computed in gluten-sensitive patients. These patients report changes in
    their energy, mood, cognitive abilities and emotions which no researcher to date has
    documented objectively. The problem of adverse brain effects of molecules derived
    from food is a major under-recognized phenomenon of nutrition and molecular
    pathophysiology. Research in the next 10-20 years will, I am convinced, reveal a
    great deal about the extent, mechanisms, and importance of this consequence of
    eating problematic foods to our mental status.

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    You are such a wonderful researcher & do so much for this board, where would we be without you! Thank you again for all your work & information that you have found. You have helped me so much I will never be able to repay you.

    Thanks again & thanks for being so generous with your time & computer talent!


    P.S. I haven't gotten to read the article yet in full, but do you mind archiving these gluten threads so that we can have it for in the future when people ask about it? Thanks.