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Do you guys remember last year or so when I asked about removing
wallpaper?? The subject generated a big long thread that was downright

:bravo: Guess what??

:smile: I decided after a Cutty to just "gently pull" a "little
tiny corner" of the yucky wallpaper in my kitchen yesterday and
GUESS WHAT??????????

It ALL peeled off in even strips and the whole kitchen was done
before my one drink was! :smile: The house was built in the
70's and it is the original wallpaper! It must have been quality
paper and quality installation because it was a piece of cake and
there is NO sticky anything on the walls!

I am SO happy and now motivated to paint the walls before my new
oven/microwave etc. arrives which by the way will be right after my new
laminated floor goes down. This is the first change I have made
since we moved into this house eight years ago. Yeah. DDD


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Ah, God bless Cutty for great ideas, D3. :smile:

(and MAN, are you lucky!!!)

Sounds like a wonderful remodel. What color are you going to paint your kitchen? I have 2 white walls and 2 the color of dark red wine (are you surprised?). Love it!



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Make sure the walls don't have remaining paste on them or your paint application could be a nightmare. I think people recommend you wash the walls with TSP(trisodium phosphate) to get any residual paste off. I love the deep red color...shows a bold personality.....


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Thanks for telling me about the special wall wash product. I am
not a d-i-y kinda old

Suz, the walls are going to bright yellow...just like the yellow
on the outside of the Cutty bottle! LOL. DDD

PS: Actually you are good at stuff like this so maybe you have
an opinion. The ceiling center is recessed about two feet AND
the whole ceiling is popcorn..yuk! Anyway I have a white paddle
fan in the center of the recessed area and four slender white
pendant single bulb hanging fixtures neat the four corners. The
paddle fan is staying. I am changing the hanging pendant lamps
to more attractive units. So...I am wondering if it would look
good to paint the recessed area a softer yellow and then the two
walls the bright yellow. Or...would it be better to put the extra bright as the background for the fan and lamps and have the
softer yellow on the walls. OR...should I just blow it all out
with a bright Cutty yellow (found at the local ABC Paint Store,
don't ya know??). What do you all think?


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Suz ~ There goes that twin thing again. I have dark red wallpaper on my kitchen walls with a flowered border. It looks better than it sounds.

DDD ~ You are indeed lucky. We are in the process of repainting in order to get our house ready to put on the market. We tried getting the wallpaper off in our bathroom and found that the builder had pasted the wallpaper right onto unsized and unpainted sheetrock. It is not going to come off without destroying the wallboard.

I went online looking for help and found the suggestion to cover the wallpaper with oilbased Kilz. It is thicker than waterbased Kilz and fills in the seams.

husband did that and then covered it with two coats of paints. You can't see any seams at all!!

We are going to cover the rest of the wallpaper the same way.

I'm glad that you had better luck with your wallpaper. Maybe we should have tried it with a Cutty.




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There's always next time, Kathy! LOL DDD

PS: I "gently" pulled a seam in the bathroom and ooilla,
it's the same! How do you spell that word? It looks weird!!


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>DDD, I have never painted a popcorn ceiling, do you have to spray paint it? Otherwise I think you end up with a real mess...

I would go with the lighter yellow on the ceiling if you are willing to try it.</span>


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D3, you need to remove that popcorn ceiling! It's dating your room. Here's how:

I don't think I'd do it---I'd hire a pro---but I've watched enough HGTV to know that once you saturate the ceiling with water it looks pretty easy to scrape off (it's messy as heck, though) and it will pay huge dividends if you ever decide to sell your home.

As to your color question, I think a light yellow ceiling with the stronger yellow walls would be very pretty.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: DDD</div><div class="ubbcode-body">oilla, it's the same! How do you spell that word? It looks weird!! </div></div>


Yellow sound bright and lively! I like it.

My cabinets are wine fact, most of my accent colors are burgundy wine colored now that I think of it!

You know, red in the kitchen makes you eat more...just an FYI.


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Suz, we are going to have a guy use a paint sprayer for the popcorn ceiling. I read, fairly extensively, and alot of the popcorn ceilins contain asbestos. Our whole house has that type
of ceiling and it's just not possible to have experts remove the
whole thing and way way too complex for us to d-i-y. The experts
say it is almost impossible to "paint" in the traditional way
but the interior paint spray machine does the job.

This sounds a tad bit morose but it is true. I have finally come
to grips with the idea that this is our "last" house. Fighting
my stress levels/depression has been a major issue this year and
I think one of the biggest factors is that I hate where I live. I
don't want to live in this city forever...but...fortunately I don't hate my house. So..I'm trying to economically fix up the
parts of the house I can and resale value isn't a factor.

by the way, the research I did on popcorn removal stressed that the lst
thing you do is take a sample and send it to a lab (about $20)
to see if it has asbestos. It the answer is yes, then you need
to hire experts to remove it (thousands). So long as it remains
intact you are not in big danger. When people do remove it the
preferred method is to use a mister in a small area at a time
because it is a big Bozo No No to get the popcorn "wet" rather
than damp.

Our parts store sold asbestos brake shoe lining for over fifteen
years so we have already been exposed prior to the danger level
being identified. It appears we lucked out and have no issues.

I think the lighter yellow above and the brighter yellow on the
walls sounds better too. Voila! (lol, thanks for the spell check
on that word) The decision is made! DDD


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D3, remodeling is a great idea. I do it a little at a time as $$$ permits. Paint is the least expensive mode and can have an amazing impact. I'm loving that you are doing this. The great thing about paint is that if you make a can paint it again! (ask me how many times I've painted my bedroom in the last 3 years....nah, never mind...don't ask me :smile: )