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The university my husband studied at has an interesting health policy set up. The policy for grad students cannot be COBRAd. At all.

They set it up so that it is somehow exempt from ALL of the federal and state regulations on COBRA and continuing insurance. I have a call into the State Ins Board Director here.

Basically, once you graduate you are on your own for ins until you get an employer with a health plan. This means that any/all treatments can be considered preexisting and can get you refused from joining health plans even after you are employed. :Hot Head: :Hot Head:

The university also did not mail out ANY of the brochures they were supposed to to graduating seniors and grad students. These brochures outlined why this was OK under the law. And gave some options. But since they didn't get mailed out, the deadline passed and ALL policyholders are out of luck!

We have found a short term plan that we can get without hiding my medical background (not something I am willing to do, though one ins rep suggested it!)

If we get a short term plan and then get picked up by an employer, there can be no preexistings, no exclusions, etc.... This will put us in a much better place!!

So we are going to get the short term and pray for hte best!!



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I would most certainly report the university to the Dept of Insurance. That is some kind of plan they have. Wonder if they are getting some type kickback from the insurance company for every student they get signed up???? Hope for the best with this other plan though. Glad to hear you found something, usually very hard to get single or family coverage without an employer group or else costs an arm and a leg!!!!