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    Today I had the follow up with the neuro.

    There is some occlusion in the external carotid artery which isn't the carotid that they really worry about. But, the thinking (I guess) is that if there is narrowing there, there might be narrowing in the main carotid artery (and no, that is not the technical term...I believe it would be the internal carotid, but not sure). Since they can only see a couple of inches of that with the ultrasound, they have scheduled an MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography). That's tomorrow. He said typically occlusion of the external carotid has no symptoms, so he doesn't think it would explain the pain (more like discomfort) I get up my neck into my ears.

    The fun part was the nerve conduction tests. He did the one with just the shock and the one with the needle into the muscle to get to the deeper nerves. The needle one sounds horrible, but it was nothing...barely noticeable. However, I really didn't like the external one. Especially on my left arm where I have ulnar nerve entrapment. When they don't get a response to the initial shock, they up it. NOT FUN. Then he says, oh, yeah, there's definitely an issue with that nerve. I'm thinking that I could have told him that without him hurting me, but he seemed so excited to see it that I didn't want to ruin it for him. :rofl:

    So, I have to get an x-ray of that elbow and then an ultrasound to determine why it's an issue. I told him it started with a pain flare that was in my left shoulder and neck, but he seems pretty determined that it's from use. :rolleyes: So after the tests, I'll let him tell me it's from inflammation and I won't even say I told you so. :bigsmile:

    The down part is that he didn't get any abnormal readings from my right arm and that's where I have all the muscle involvement. He commented on how my wrist looks funny (that muscle stays puffy all the time now) and that I have a fat deposit (or something like that) along the muscle on my upper arm which is indicative of connective tissue disease.

    He thinks I'm interesting because of my medical history. Told me he was discussing me with his colleagues and they had never heard of anyone my age having the kind of heart disease, yada, yada, yada. He said heart attack and stroke are common - or more common, or something - with connective tissue disease. I already knew that, but it was nice to hear a doctor say that. So far the only one who doesn't think I have a connective tissue disease is the rheumy. And I'm getting a second opinion.

    I really like this guy (the neuro). He's a real know, not the God complex. It's obvious he really likes what he does. He was so excited doing the nerve tests. Was telling me all about when they were learning this, they learned on each other for a period of 6 months. He didn't enjoy it at all. :rofl: Although, he did say it's not as bad as grabbing an electric fence. That was another story. Funny guy.

    Oh and the neuropsychologist report...besides all of the other handy info in it, it has one very interesting paragraph:

    "Ms. R has been treated with medication for depression for a number of years. Her current emotional status seems to be generally stable with treatment. She is future-oriented and did not report evidence of suicidal ideation or feelings of hopelessness. There was no evidence that her cognitive problems were related to her history of depression."

    So, the next time some doctor tries to blame my pain or cognitive issues or fatigue on my history of depression, I'm going to whip this out and tell them to kiss my big, fat hiney. :devil:

    By the way, the diagnosis from the neuropsychologist is mild cognitive disorder, not otherwise specified with amnestic features.

    I still have to schedule the second opinion appointment with a rheumy. I've been laying low since easy child's accident. Kinda hit my limit. But I am feeling recharged today with another knowledgeable person recognizing that something really IS going on.
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    I'm thinking that I could have told him that without him hurting me, but he seemed so excited to see it that I didn't want to ruin it for him

    ROFLMAO.....OMG Heather YOU are a scream......

    and I'll gladly send some chapstick for when you whip out your report and tella doctor where to pucker up.

    I'm so sorry you are hurting.

    How are the kids from the car wreck?

    Still not interested in doughnuts and tequila huh?

    Hugs - and yeah - don't take his thunder.....jab jab.

    Too funny -
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    Star -

    The doughnuts will just make my big, fat hiney bigger and fatter. Besides, it would only slow down the effects from the tequila. :sheepish:

    He WAS so excited to see the result on that nerve. Just because he had to turn it up so it was like he was sticking me with a cattleprod.... :faint: Ok...a little dramatic...but it didn't feel good. At all. :nonono:

    The boys from the accident are all doing good. However, the insurance adjuster for the other driver is being a total WITCH and I have a feeling this is going to end up going to arbitration. Of course, I talked to her today after having no sleep last night and after being stuck with a cattleprod - and so was not in the best mood - but it looks like she is going to make this difficult. My agent can't believe the stuff she's saying. He also can't believe they haven't settled this already. She doesn't even have a copy of the police report, yet. I asked her how that was possible because I got a copy on Monday and I got another one in the mail from an ambulance chaser attorney on Tuesday. And, isn't this kinda her job??? She's trying to say it could take weeks to get it and they can't close the claim until they do. So, we faxed one to her. They should be embarrassed. And she's such a nasty, negative person....I'm telling you, she's got some bad karma coming her way. I can't imagine being that way all the time.

    So, they don't know they are dealing with a warrior mom. But they will learn. Quickly. bwahahahahah
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    I'm so glad you got that validation!! Great big hugs and xoxo
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    It is good to hear good news from you! There were times not too long ago where you sounded SO desperate and I wished there was something I could do to help. And you plugged away and look at what you accomplished.

    Way to go, warrior mom.

    Big hugs and continued strength and prayers being channeled your way.
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    I am sorry the neuro test was painful. Each time I have had the needle one they stuck me over 60 times and they all hurt. Of course, each time they put in a needle they they moved it and moved my arm.

    I hope you don't have to go through that one. I am so very sorry you have these health problems, but glad you are getting help.

    Your rheumy needs to kiss your hiney, in my opinion. Heck, he can even kiss MINE!

    The neuropsychologist report is a good tool to have.

    Glad the kids are doing alright, I hope the insurance person has a better day and comes to see the light soon. And that you get an appropriate settlement with-o too much fighting.

    Sending hugs,

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    Ya know- DF's family owns a Limousine Cattle ranch. And I've seen those zzzzzappers. WOW - but I know exactly how you feel about the comparison. WHen they hit it right- it DOES feel like you got zapped. My favorite is the little pointy wheel which they run all over my legs and feet saying "Can you feel that?" sadly - yes....but not to the point that you're going to get a reaction.

    As far as the witch? :witch: Tell her to stick her broom where it don't shine. I'm thinking if she calls again with that mood? You'll change it. People like that used to get all my extra love and attention. After years of being bullied however? No more Mrs. Nice Gal. I love that mantra - be extra nice to people when you meet them because you have no idea what they are dealing with. But then I thought - you know - I have deal with a ton and been nice - and I'm tired of bullies - so new mantra - YOU be extra nice to Me - Or I'll let you know how what you're doing looks and sounds - in spades.

    Gotta love an opportunistic person - bbbbwah ha haaaaaaa

    GO get 'er girl! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrr