Morning hello thread. Sat. April 17?


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I thought I'd start it here for all to see. We once did this every day just to check in about OUR lives and we all had a chance to share. Piglets resurrected it on "General" where it once was,vbiut IC suggested that more would see b it here. So...trying it. Post what's up with yoU!


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I'll start.
It's supposed to be (finally) beautiful weather here. Today, this once gun hater, is going to the gun range to watch hubby and Jumper practice. Jumper, going into criminal justice, will certainly be around her boyfriend is an avid hunter and the dear young man got her interested in that too, and he is a fantastic young man. I have a gut feeling this is her life partner forever). He is 24, gainfully employed, lovely family, Jumpers best is good.

Hub bought a decision...but I will simply be a spectator today as my shoulder is still broken from the car accident. I am sure it will fun just watching in such great weather.

Tomorrow we are going to my favorite place...the dog park. We have a clean one with a section for small dogs. I love the atmosphere and talking to others who equate dogs with people :)

So glad it's finally warm!!

What are you all up to this werkend, friends?
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Temps will be in mid-eighties, here. Breezy, beautiful morning. We are deep cleaning in preparation for the move North. Everything is beginning to sparkle, but it doesn't make for such an exciting morning page entry.



Though I have learned that a paste of baking soda, water, and vinegar will clean almost anything.

pigless in VA

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Thanks for starting the thread, SWOT. It's only Saturday in Virginia, though. It's not nice to confuse me before I have had my first cup of coffee. :nonono:

I should probably get a .22 for the farm to dispatch all those "greavers" that we have. For the uninitiated, a greaver is a groundhog that someone insists is a beaver.

Friday's episode of crazy things that happen at the middle school was the following: I had to take Jack to the restroom at the clinic because on Thursday he went into the boys' room and deliberately clogged and overflowed the toilet by stuffing it full of toilet paper. Two boys ratted him out. Since I cannot walk into the boys' room with him and there was no available male escort, I opted to take him to the clinic and check the status of the restroom after he used it. On our way back, another aide hailed me as there was a female student in the in school detention room, and she refused to leave. The girl apparently did not get sent to the room for an infraction, but that is where she wants to be during 7th block. Jack and I had to go find an administrator to get her to go back to class. :why:

It's sunny and cool today, so I will sneak out to the garden for some relaxation therapy.

Wiped Out

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Good morning!

Started my day by going to WW (lost 1.4 pounds). Since we sort of restarted in February husband had lost 20 and I've lost almost 11!.
Next we dropped off or fur baby for her annual shots. We ran a few errands and then I took about an hour nap before take difficult child to work.
Later I am going to a concert being performed by one of my students. I think lunch with hubby is in the plans as well.

Have a great day all!!


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Good morning!

Hubby and I went to breakfast earlier, stopped at the store for bread, etc., and now we're home. Hubby is planning to build a "catio" outside the laundry room window so our indoor cats can safely lounge in the sun.

I'm getting ready to go to my mom's. Her house was burglarized almost four years ago, and she has been hunting for her birth certificate, marriage certificate, the pink slip for her her car, stuff like that. She is computer illiterate, so I'm going over to order what we can order online, and get info on gathering the rest of the info.

After I get home, I need to work on a course I'm taking. History of Christianity through the Scriptures. It's fascinating. I'm also taking a psychiatric class on women activists, which is not so fascinating. And of course, there's always laundry.

Hope everyone has a wonderful drama-free day!