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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DammitJanet, Jul 30, 2012.

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    You all know how I have been convinced that Buck has never truly been off drugs even since he got to our house. He would go out late and night and walk around and we live in the middle of nowhere so that makes no sense.

    Well now he lives down in the middle of drug town. I simply dont believe he is abstaining. He asks Cory all the time for pain pills, xanax, whatever he can get. Cory refuses him because Cory doesnt use xanax and while he does take pain pills, he needs them to get them to work every day. If Buck needs them, go see the doctor. Problem is, doctor sees his medical record and it tells them that he has addict behavior, has been a drug addict before and not to give him more than 5 to 10 pain pills at a time in any month.

    Well yesterday Cory came over to the house and said he had a buyer who was convinced that I had bottles of xanax just laying around the house. That has never been the case. I get 30 a month because they are an extended release and I have to take one every night. The only person who ever thought I had a bottle of xanax sitting around the house was Buck when I set him up to steal them. It wasnt even xanax in the bottle. He took them anyway. There is no one else that even knows I take them other than people on this board. Tony still gets confused and says I take klonopin. I was on that for years and I dont correct him.

    I am convinced that Buck sent him over yesterday to try to get pills. I am also convinced Buck is the one who came in here and stole Tony's money. He was probably smart enough to not steal much because that would make Tony suspicious but if he took just a hundred dollars, he knew Tony would suspect me. I would bet my right arm he was around when Tony put it up and Tony just didnt think Buck was looking. Buck notices everything. Tony just thinks he is dumb. Like I said, it was the first place I would look, it would be the first place Buck would look too.
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    You're gut instinct is probably right, Janet. Problem is, nobody will believe you till they see it, too.
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    Isn't it strange the way you learn to figure stuff out after living with an addict(s)?

    I figured out last night why difficult child was so helpful over Christmas break when I needed to change mailboxes (went from locking one to non-locking one)....duhhh...cause it was the perfect place for liquor dropoffs for him.
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    Can Billy set up a video camera for some of this stuff? Just wondering...