Mother's Day card - awwww!

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kt made me a MD card at school yesterday. She also brought me a pot filled with pansies - now sitting on my desk.

Her card says

Dear Mom,

You saved me from abuse & neglect. I owe you! So this weekend, all weekend til I go to bed on Monday, I'll do anything.



Brought a tear to my eye. Wish I could get this every day of the year. :flower: :kisses:


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Aw, how sweet is that! I'm tearing up here! I assume you're keeping this one, right?
Nobody deserves to have a Happy Mothers Day more than you do!


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This is a great opportunity to get her involved in a mother daughter activity of sorts - visit a café together, shop for a dress for each of you, do a scrapbooking class together - some girl time.

Enjoy your day!


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I was gone this weekend so just saw this but what a sweet card! I had a tear in my eye just reading this. Hugs.