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Little (?? almost 17 AS) difficult child bought himself an MP3 player. His
big bro "knows" about these things but I don't and the big kid is
still locked up. :rolleyes:

The question????????? How does difficult child use his CD's to load music
on his MP3 player? We used to have Limewire and someother things
on the computer that caused mega problems with our system. Now
easy child/difficult child is gone and I don't know what to tell difficult child.

Can anybody give me a brief walkthrough for recording your own
songs off your own CDs.

LOL! I'm too old for all this junk, by the way. DDD
There should be instructions with the MP3 player! Each one would be different.

I believe that the basics would be to upload the music onto the computer, and then download it onto the MP3 player.


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I was going to have husband reply to you, he is the one who wrote above he had a long drawn out post (email) for you. He is the technical one and I am the one who can't get the remote to work half the time.


Well-Known Member the songs on the CD to your computer. Use your media player or real player...whichever you have and then upload them to your MP3 player. That should do it.


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You need to get the songs from the CD, which is audio, to MP3 format, which is a way of translating sound into computer files. MP3 storage can pack in a vast amount more as a computer file, than a sound file - we recently bought MP3 copies of all episodes of "The Shadow" and a very great number of "Stan Freberg Show" - all packed onto one CD. The MP3 player should have come with instructions. Most also come with a copy of iTunes, although there are other ways to translate a file to MP3. iTunes is very easy, though. You may also be able to download a free copy of iTunes for your computer - here's hoping your computer can handle the version it tries to download - ours won't.

Remind difficult child of the fist rule - if all else fails, read the instructions.



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I'll check with difficult child this afternoon and find out if he has instructions......or........if he "misplaced" them! LOL DDD


call 911

We use/used Limewire, downloaded the songs to the computer in MP3 format, then plugged the MP3 in, and told the computer to transfer the tunes to the MP3 which should automatically show up as a "plug and play" item. If it doesn't once you down load the songs then right click on MY computer and find the MP3 player that way and transfer the songs like that.

If you have Media Player 11 (it stinks) but as the songs are down loaded you can save them to your library on Media player 11, make a list (or a new list) and download the songs from THERE to your MP3.

I don't own one, - I lost most of my hearing to Rock n Roll and cherish what I have. If I had an MP3 player I'd be deaf in a month blaring Ozzy and all the older 70's music.

Hope this helps. Actually my shorter version of help was to tell you to find any 7 year old and ask them for help. They all know this stuff.



thought of you this afternoon. I was sitting in the waiting room of the orthodontist and listening to my ipod. A lady was trying to down load a song on her phone and since she saw me plugged in asked me to help her. Hope you figured out what ya needed.



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I also use Media Player to transport files to my MP3 player unless it's a book file. I do it all the time.

In media player it has a rip option, that is how you get the music off your cd. i have never had to change the file format to do that. The only thing I don't like about ripping is I have to go in and put the name of the ripped songs in because it's not auto.

I have a lot of music and use Media player almost daily. I have to have my Pink Floyd fix :smile: I haven't put music on my comp from cds for awhile so if do need to change the format they have free programs on line you can download that are fairly easy to use.

After you have the music downloaded into Media player, you use the option called sync. Plug the mp3 player into your comp and drag and drop to the right hand window where it says drag items here. After you have the music you want there, just hit the the start sync button and it will tell you when it is finished.

My mp3 player is a sandisk and I love it. It is very easy to use and it came with a disk so I am able to to download from my comp.

I liked the older versions of Media player better but have finally gotten used to the newer version. If I can be of further help let me know.

Hope he enjoys it :laugh: