Mr. Destructo


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I think I may need to change Mighty Mouse's name to this. He likes to rip things and break things. I just got back from the grocery store not 10 minutes ago. I'm trying to make an ice cream cake with the ice cream I just bought, so I'm not really paying to much attention. I see Mr. Destructo crawling around on the floor with a toy. Turns out, the "toy" was holding a green crayon and drawing a great big green line around my kitchen floor! UGH!!! :grrr:


(the future) MRS. GERE
If he hasn't started this already, just wait until he starts taking everything apart to see how it works...

...or doesn't work...

...and once it's taken apart I can pretty much guarantee that it won't work again... :hammer:

You have my sympathies, Loth.



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Ugh! I assume your floor is not green :wink:

Here is what you do. Get one of those magic eraser things from Mr.Clean. Have him follow his track while it magically disappears.
Well, that might prompt more coloring - never mind!!