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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    My husband is no Mr Fix It.......actually is more like Mr. Break It, that is if he doesn't take something apart and I have to wait 6 months before he attempts to do anything with it again........only to eventually decide that he can't manage the job.:mad:

    So........Mr Fix It is currently distroying my tub/shower faucets.:surprise: We had a drip folks. You know, the kind that simply require a change in the washer? Yeah. Granted the drip had developed into a stream.....but still. I don't think it warranted Mr. Fix It to break my tub.

    I'm posting so I don't slide in there and behead him with the shower door. I'm afraid to go inspect the damage. I've been hearing things like "stripped faucets and cheap pipes". *shudder*

    OMG some days I really loath men.

    If I have to pay for a plumber husband will have it taken out of his hide. We can't afford a plumber. But I'll be damned if I'm doing without a shower because he had to have a macho moment.

  2. everywoman

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    Daisy, I so understand. I have 3 cans of paint in my bedroom that have been sitting in the same place since last August. The walls have not been painted yet.
  3. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    Oops, hit return before I finished complaining. I have a piece of lattice help up by a fence post and a shovel in place of the chain link, which is nicely rolled up waiting, that has been that way since I had the porch built on 2 summers ago.
    Today I had him clean out his shed---the place I send him with all his stuff. He removed 15 empty boxes he had gotten three years ago when he picked them up to give to son to move. They had never been used.
    I could go on and on.
  4. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    This is why I am the one who knows how to fix things. The man would step over a two foot hole in the floor rather than even admit it needed to be fixed, let alone give it a shot. Now that my hands and legs are weaker, I have taught my Mr. Fix-it to fix things too, but I can't let him out of my sight for long. I truly have to act as a hands-on supervisor.
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Oh, goody. I now have no water until sometime tomorrow when husband wanders out for a "tool". And of course it's the one day I have both Darrin and the baby because easy child has worked 5 12 hr days straight in a row and really needs some sleep.

    I just snarled at him. I need water for morning coffee.......if he wishes to live until noon.....and to make the baby's formula. I will not sit here with a screaming baby while he's wandering thru a handware store.

    EW, maybe we should make our guys move in with each other. I've waited 5 yrs for my front porch to be stained.....and the basement door, which now has to be replaced because he never got around to it.

    I rarely let him attempt to fix anything. sister in law does most of the repairs I need done without complaint and correctly. If he doesn't know how, he finds someone who does. But usually he knows.

    husband had already started taking it apart before I'd figured out he was up to something. *growl*

    I wonder if this could be considered justifiable homicide??
  6. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Lisa, I feel your pain. Our only bathroom has been in a state of disrepair since I started painting it last year, before I hurt my knee. The light over the vanity was removed about three weeks ago. The sink/vanity is not anchored to anything, so the pipes leak. We don't keep the TP there anymore. I made Hubby buy and build a linen closet, but one of us used the inside dimensions to determine if it would fit. It didn't, but we only figured that out after it came in. It's out in the backyard now waiting for Hubby to take it to a guy with the right tools to cut it down to make it fit. The medicine cabinet has been moved so often I have four sets of random holes waiting for spackle. The shower surround is coming off the walls, but since we're going to buy a new one, there's no reason to glue the old one, right? The lights are sitting in their boxes waiting to be installed, as are the towel bars, but he's waiting for me to finish painting. Except that I can't paint until that stupid closet is put in place...

    OK, I think I'm done now.
  7. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Lisa, you're a more patient woman than I am. If my husband did that, he'd be lying dead on the bathroom floor, while I stood over him fixing the faucets.

    I'm with Witz on this one.

    My ex-H was notorious for this sort of thing.
    I wanted to take my bicycle into the repair shop for a spring tune-up one year. After ex-H got finished "fixing" it, I had to pay the bike repair guy about $75 to correct the fix, instead of the $10 for the spring tune-up.

    He once dismantled my washing machine and left the parts strewn all over my living/dining room for MONTHS. After the repair guy's verdict (deader than a doornail. You'll need a new unit), I just didn't let him fix stuff anymore.

    I am eternally grateful that husband is handy, but I've also learned how to do all sorts of household repairs (including laying a floor and hanging new kitchen cupboards), just so that I don't have to rely on men.


  8. Marcie Mac

    Marcie Mac Just Plain Ole Tired

    I have learned a trick to get both Dan and SO motivated to do something in the house NOW. I just go to one of them and say "where is that big red wrench thingie, or where is the tile cutter, or I am going to Ace, what size of washer do I need for the faucet (I know the size of a washer and I know we have them but they are locked up in SO's cabinet), where is the measuring tape, do you have my spackle knife, I am going to Home Depot at 10:00 because they have a class on..whatever it is I need done, I will be back later, could you please do me a favor and just get that stuff from the garage and put it in the bathroom or kitchen so I can start when I get back..and then I leave..and go have lunch, or window shop for about an hour. Whatever it is, is usually started when I get back

    Or I start assembing the stuff I need :) in the bathroom or kitchen. SO will come in always with the same statement "Do you need to do that right now" and I answer Mmmmmm, yes - its ok, I know how to do it myself. Then Dan will come in, with his same statement "OMG, really,,, are going to attempt this yourself...really?? I will do this tomorrow. And I answer, Mmmmm yes, really, I want to do it now. Just go back to doing what you were doing, I have got it covered.

    And then the little bit of male arrogance takes over, the stuff that makes up the thought process that females couldnt possibly do anything right, and they start working, together to do that job. Dan waives his hand and says Mom, go, go, go do something else.

    And on the rare time that doesn't work, and I am left to do it on my own, I can and will. If I run into a problem, I just go and ask a stupid question of one of them and they will come and finish it, mumbling I told you to wait.

    I am really not incompetent at doing stuff - I actually LIKE to do these things - but they get done faster if there is more people on the job.

    But as a note, this tatic does NOT work when painting is involved

  9. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Yes,'s justifiable. I'm 8 months into a tiny bathroom remodel. My tub still leaks, no baseboards and a running toilet.

    I'll vouch for you if you vouch for me.

  10. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    Sorry ladies, I married the real Mr. Fix It. He can do anything around the house. Yep, I am pouring salt in the wound, aren't I?

    Sign him up for some Home Depot Classes.
  11. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Neither my husband and I can fix anything. That's why I hate when things break around here!
  12. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Oh, Loth...H can fix EVERYTHING. The problem is that he tries to fix everything, even things that aren't broke, then only does it half way.

    I asked him 2 months ago why he was taking the mower apart. Oh...just to see if everything is alright. It still sits in pieces.

  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Loth I'm jealous.

    And yes.........more than likely I could've done it myself, except I haven't seen this sort of faucet set up before. (once you get the handle off that is) Which was why I was waiting for sister in law to have the time to look at it. His dad is a general contractor and has deal with this sort of thing on a reg basis......and is good back up if sister in law messes up. lol


    husband actually finished the job. Murder is great incentive. lol It took most of the day.....but he got the washers changed and got it back together again.

    Alot of the repairs around here I do myself. What I can't do, I get sister in law to do. Unless husband has a "macho moment" like he did yesterday. The shed in our backyard was a husband macho moment. Believe me, you don't wannat know. Let's just say the leaning tower of Piza has competitiion. sigh
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I'm so sorry - I saw the title to your post and knowing you and former posts about Mr. No Fix......I laughed too hard to open it.


    Murder is a great incentive? ROFLMplumbers putty off......