Multi-Disciplinary evaluation and/or School System evaluation?


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Hello Everyone,

Since I am very new to all of this, could someone please explain what should be expected as far as testing with each of the types. I have called about 5 Children's Hospitals, and none of them could tell me anything about Multi-Disiciplinary Evaluations. I even explained what it was, and what I wanted done, and they didn't have a clue. Finally, someone at Vanderbilt Children's said it was a Multi-Factoral Evaluation, and it was done by the school system, not in a hospital setting.

Should both be done? How do you go about setting up a Multi?

Also, what will the testing be like with a neuropsychologist? Should I choose the neuropsychologist or neuropsychiatrist first? My insurance does not require a referral, so I am looking for the best place to start.

My difficult child is scheduled with a clinical psychologist for testing on the 11th. What can I expect there? Is it the same as any of the above?

Sorry, so many questions, but you guys can answer more in ten mintutes than I can get in hours on the phone.

Hugs to you all.


When you call the Children's Hospitals are you asking for the behavioral health unit when inquiring about the Multi-Disciplinary evaluation? The person answering the switchboard phone may not have any knowledge of it. Have you tried any University Hospitals?

We used a neuropsychologist. I'm not sure what a neuropsychiatrist does and I don't know of anyone on the board that has used one.

And, no, a clinical psychologist is not going to be the same. They will do some evaluations and probably ask for you to fill out some information, but it's not the same kind of testing, nor as in depth, as what you get with a neuropsychologist. The neuropsychologist does the in-depth testing and should work with you and the psychologist and/or psychiatrist on a treatment plan. He/she may even refer you for more testing if it's felt that it's required, such as with an Occupational Therapist (OT) or Speech Pathologist.


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difficult child 1 just had neorupsychologist testing. She had me fill out some paperwork and looked at the testing done by the school and the notes from the psychiatrist. Then she and difficult child 1 did testing for hours, took a break, and more testing for hours. He got a treat at the end that he really likes and got to go out to eat for lunch during one of the breaks (a big treat in our family). We scheduled an appointment to go over the testing, but haven't had it yet. So, I can't tell you about that. I had to call the insurance company to find one because no one at the hospital that I could get a hold of knew what I was talking about (even though their hospital had one.)


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Son was tested by a neuropsychologist. It was done over three days and took about 10 hours total. It was tough for him. He walked out of testing several times. But, I was able to talk him down and bring him back.

I also had the SD do Psychoeducational testing.It had to be ordered by a MD. Son's was ordered by a neurologist. HOWEVER, they use many of the same tests the neuropsychologist does. So, I gave them a list of the tests given and the school psychologist gave him different tests so that the results on their tests would be valid.

It actually was very helpful. Because both sets of testing came to basically the same conclusions. Though, the private testing was much more thorough. The SD really only cares about testing in relationship with school work. Whereas, the private testing book into account the whole individual.

I paid for the private testing, myself. Insurance would have covered part of it, but I would have had to wait at least a year for the testing through "Famous Children's Teaching Hospital". the Neuropsychologist we went to was recommended by the neurologist and worked many years at the forementioned hospital. She doesn't accept insurance.So, husband and I bit the bullet and paid cash.