My big brag.

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    As I mentioned in another thread, it was back-to-school night for easy child yesterday.

    I got to her art classroom about a minute before the bell rang for the teacher to start her introduction. Never met her before, but saw that she was up near the front talking to some other families and could hear her because she was on a mic. She was talking to a boy who was admiring a drawing on the wall. She said to the boy, "Isn't that an awesome dragon? That was drawn by one of my 7th grade girls. Can you believe that?! A 7th grader! She's a better artist than I am!"

    I got a little closer to see the picture, and much to my delight saw easy child's signature on it -- she had given it to the teacher the first week of school. :bigsmile:
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    What a beautiful thing to read so early in the day!!! Thanks for sharing. SFR
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    Most Excellent!
  5. TeDo

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    That's terrific. I like hearing things like that about my kids but even more so about difficult child, because it's so rare. YEAH easy child!!
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    That is SO awesome!!!
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    How cool... I love dragons... Probably 'cause I'm always dragon my rear in the morning... LOL!

    Thank you for sharing... Made me grin!
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    THATS MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!! AND NOW?????? I shall request that dragon for my Ranch stationary - at the D.A. Ranch. :)

    Congratulations Mother of MIchaelangelo......
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    That is very cool!!!! Way to go easy child.