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    Hi my son is so hard to handle he has ADHD the hyperactive impulsive type and he has ODD and sensory integration dysfunction. HE also over the past 6months starting saying he wanted to kill himself. He has been hospitalized for that and he started to hit his head against the wall. Sometimes he hits his chest face when hes upset about something. He also has a speech problem loves routine he social at times but cannot seem to make any friends he often will just tell them what he likes or whats going on instead of really sharing a conversation. He also hums and chews on his shirts or whatever he can find to put in his mouth. He has serious meltdowns multiple times a day. Hes very defiant and he hits his one year old brother, me, the babysitter and other kids. He also smiles when he is in trouble like he cant control his facial expressions. he does play with toys and just makes weird shooting sounds and he likes to run in circles sometimes for a while. I think there is something else wrong with my son. He going for an evaluation a childrens memorial hospital in chicago on july 30 I hope they can give me an answer because I know theres something else going on. His doctors have said possibly Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, aspergers, bi-polar disorder I feel overwhelmed and lost.
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    Hi lowgrl18 and welcome.

    I agree that it does sound like there may be something else going on here. You should be in good hands at Children's Memorial. Have you asked to be placed on their cancellation list? Appointments don't open up often but occasionally they do.

    We recommend the book The Explosive Child to nearly all parents who come through here. You will definitely want to keep things low key and routine for him while you're waiting for answers.

    Is he already getting speech therapy and Occupational Therapist (OT)?

    Another good book for you to read would be The Out of Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz. It should help you with some ideas to help with the sensory at home.
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    I would want him tested by a neuropsychologist. He sounds VERY much like my son did as a youngster. He is on the autism spectrum and I would not be at all shocked if your son is too. There is more going on than ADHD/ODD. NeuroPsychs test in every area, and I'll bet you'd get some really good answers. Here's an online test you can take for your son to see if he has Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) red flags:
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    About the smiling when he gets in trouble? My son used to do that. Then, after the punishment, he would do something really STINKING! Just because he was mad at me! I think he was getting a charge out of being mad!

    I learned that if I put him in time out (and stayed with him to prevent him from leaving) he would not get even after the punishment was done with. And he did not smile: he was sad instead of mad. I always started counting immediately: I never waited until he was quiet because that boy was NEVER able to do nothing! So he would never be quiet: that part was not possible!

    Just so you know? This is NOT! your fault and you did not cause this. If somebody says you did, snicker quietly to yourself. They just don't know any better!
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    Sounds like he is on the autism spectrum disorder. Get him diagnosed soon and get treatments going. Under 3 years Early Start services - over 3 years of age get the Special Education dept of school district to do an evaluation. Good luck