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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Apr 14, 2008.

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    I had the eye exam recently. I needed new glasses, but not bifocals yet!!

    LAst time I needed glasses we were dead broke so I ordered them online. They were pretty good, lasted for 3 years.

    So I ordered online again. My new glasses came 2 weeks after I ordered them. About the same wait as when I was 9 and got my first glasses!

    I got rimless glasses that are titanium and bendable. They were just under $60. They are good quality. I put htem on expecting to have to go and get them adjusted. They were PERFECT!! No adjustments!!!

    I priced new ones at LensCrafters (and got my pupillary distance - they have a machine you look into to get this measurement). For just new lenses I would have to pay $400 AFTER my eye insurance. For new glasses the cheapest price was $575!!! I have a high power, but not that high!!! To get the rimless, memory titanium glasses at LC, it would be over $700!!!

    I was just appalled at the LC price. There are other places that do them cheaper, but the insurance isn't good there. AT least it pays for the eye exam and for Jessie's adn Lyndon's contacts.

    Thought you all might want to know. The online glasses are really nice, I will continue to get our glasses there.

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    That's really cool. But what do you do if the frames don't fit right?

    But I will say, I bought my cheap glasses from walmart last time. Never again. The script isn't right. I know it isn't. I just got tired of arguing with them. And the darn lenses fall out of the frames everytime I wash them. The contacts were perfect though.

    I'm going back to a reg eye doctor next time.
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    You have to chose carefully. There is no return if you don't like the frame. If teh prescription is wrong they will fix it. There is no insurance, but at the price I can buy new ones if I have a problem. With the rimless glasses (these are my 2nd pair - I love the rimless ones!) the lenses can easily be replaced - with any shape lenses, pretty much.

    I was never happy with Walmart glasses shops. I think they really buy cheap equipement.

    Most of the frames at optical shops are marked up an incredible amount. And the coatings are generally a bad deal too. These have the coatings for antiglare, and the material the glasses are made of doesn't scratch as easily.

    I will send you the link, and a blog that is very interesting on thsi topic.

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    We get ours at Costco. A lot of people I know get their eyeglasses when they are in Mexico. An exam is about $25, and the glasses are about $40 - $50 and are done in a few days.
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    My student teacher gets her glasses on line for $8 a pair. She loves them and has never had a problem. I'll try to get the link from her today.
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    $8???? PLEASE get the link!!

    I have resorted to the ones you buy in the grocery store. For $20, I have had more satisfaction than the ones I paid $500 for. I have these things stashed everywhere. (No, not in the bra. I do have limits.)