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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Feb 3, 2009.

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    O.k, this thumbs down I really mean! You wouldn't believe what I have to do to view a thread - let alone answer or create one. Anyone who has dealt with PITA computers might understand tabbing to get anything done. Now I have to tab through EVERYTHING until what I want is highlighted and then hit the enter key. Just imagine how long it took me to figure this one out (like an entire day!)! OMG, computers are so weird! I think this means my computer is getting worse by the day - it needs computer hospice care and I don't know how to give it.

    So, if you stop hearing from me (again!) know it is my computer (again!). This is getting so old!

    Today my work computer and two filing cabinets were moved to the new facility. I need to take in four boxes and then another four of personal stuff to bring home. The computer person was there to set up my computer as I left about 1:45. I still do not have a telephone - I have a telephone number, just not an actual telephone. I am getting so nervous about how to figure out how to do my job in an open work area and no storage! One of the outpatient staff offered me her office on Mondays and in the mornings. I may have to take her up on that. I told my supervisor I wanted to work in the "Ship's Ladder". He said it would get awfully cold in the winter and hot in the summer up on the roof. Wonder if I built four walls and a ceiling up at the top of the ladder? Then I can be in the Administration wing closer to the staff I work with most?

    The copier/fax machine will be right next to my desk so that is a plus. I can copy and fax immediately. I use to stock pile these jobs for a trip down the hall to another office. I now need to know where the shredder will be stationed. I will be doing a lot of shredding since I don't have room for archiving!

    My difficult child is still doing awesome even though he gets so demanding at times! Not only did he stay home alone for 1/2 hour tonight while I went to sit with the neighbor girl until non-easy child diva returned from school, but he also took a shower during that time. I didn't think he would want to be in the shower while home alone.

    This is early but in case I don't have access in a couple of weeks, please help me pray for non-easy child diva as she travels 6 hours solo on Feb 13th and back on Feb 15th.
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    I totally know how frustrating the tabbing routine is. been there done that and fingers crossed I never go there again!

    It sounds like your work situation will be a challenge, but I have every faith you will figure it out.

    High Five to difficult child - stayed alone and SHOWERED to boot! Awesome!!

    Prayers offered up for non-easy child diva's safe journey and for her to not make you want to strangle her.


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    Oh, that sounds a bit like my computer, but I think it's my mouse. I can only highlight what's on the screen. I used to be able to highlight anything I could scroll through. This is a major issue, since I am editing a book for someone and need to cut and paste entire chapters. I feel your pain!
    Good luck to non-easy child. I will be sending safe journey wishes on those days.
    And that's neat that difficult child could stay home for 1/2 hr by himself. My difficult child is up to 1-1/2 hrs. Cool.