my daughter cut her hair!!!!!

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    ok...that was darling daughter, the light of my life, the one who keeps me sane most of the time....SHEARED the front of her head!!! I'm talking Britney Spears here....after her bath last night, i brushed her hair, put a little gel in it, and put it up in a bun, so her beautiful somewhat long brown hair would be a little curly and as she says poofy....i woke her up this morning, and when i went into the bathroom to remind her to brush her teeth i saw what she did....i believe my neighbors ten doors down must've heard me scream...i sounded like a bill cosby skit come to life...

    "Maria, what did you do to your head?"
    "I don't know" <whining little girl voice>
    "Well, was your head with you last night?"
    "uh huh" <sniffle, sniffle>
    "What happened?"
    "I don't know" <more whining> mother believes it is a family curse, since this is maria communion year in may, and i had cut all my bangs off the night before my communion, and my sister gave herself a very uneven bob before needless to say, today she had an aunt jemima skarf on her head...i'm going out in a bit to go buy some very big headbands and some hats for my socalled easy child...i can't believe how close she got to the scalp...its like a buzz cut...and sad to say, my first thought when i saw her, was that Chris had shaved his sister's head out of spite or vain daughter had cut it from the front of her head and halfway to the left...and this happened by the so called "smart" one...needless to say, I'm worried about the other girls in her daughter is the leader (aka bossy) and knowing her, she will turn it into the new hip look to have...and all the girls will follow ....<sigh> she's at school now, so i can laugh about it, but i'm sure that will stop when she comes home from school and i have to see her work of art up close and personal...hope you guys can have a smile over this one
  2. hearts and roses

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    I once shaved my bangs off - right around when I was 13 or so. Hahaha - my mother was so angry and my sister's teased me mercilessly!

    I hope she weathers it amongst her friends. I would not think that this would make her girly friends shave their heads, no matter how much of a leader she is! Haha. I guess she will want hats for Christmas this year?

    Hahah-thanks for that laugh. Hope you're doing okay, mom.
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    It will grow out by May. Really.

    I cut my hair like that, too. I had been cutting my Barbie's hair (another no-no) and went down to dinner. My mom ragged on me about how she hated it when my hair dragged across the kitchen table and it grossed her out. She was always ragging about something. We often had very uncomfortable family meals.

    After dinner I went upstairs and chopped off my hair, just to spite her.

    At least your daughter wasn't mad at you! LOL!

    It must be some kind of rite of passage.

  4. I'm going crazy!!!

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    so that's what i heard this morning LOL

    so sorry but it will grow back
  5. Big Bad Kitty

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    I think it is a rite of passage.

    Tink has done it twice.

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    My mother was like you -- she loved my long hair. I hated it. It got tangled, in the way of everything and was a royal pain to wash. So, one night she put it in braids so that it would be wavy and, yes, poofy the next morning. After everyone was asleep, I snuck downstairs, got my mom's sewing shears and hacked off all 6 of the 7 braids (couldn't reach the one in the back). Of course, when my mother saw it and did her imitation of a Jamie Lee Curtis scream, I went into denial and sniffled my way through the "I don't knows!"

    by the way -- it was my first communion year, too.

    From ages 4-8, I had to hide any and all scissors from my daughter. Hacking her hair at various spots and various lengths was a hobby of hers.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    My SON did this -

    AND he carved three stripes in his eyebrows and three buzz marks on the side of his head (one side)

    Someone told me "OMG do you KNOW that is GANG related" and I said - well what doofy gang does that? The three amigos? - it was not. he said he just likes to be "artistic" - I swear when he said it i heard "I just did it to peeve you off Mom."

    Not as bad as when he wanted to die his hair blond, leaving a brunette mohawk. There was an 80+ year old lady in the salon and she leaned over and said "Pick and choose your battles. Hair grows back."
  8. HereWeGoAgain

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    OK slightly off topic but easy child 1's best friend had beautiful hair down past her waist, and got it cut professionally to a short bob (very cute too). She donated the hair to a charity to make wigs for kids that have lost hair to chemo. Very sweet.

    easy child 1 went through a phase of cutting the hair on her My Little Pony ponies (she has 30+, counting the knock-offs). So they're mostly kinda butch now.
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    easy child 1 went through a phase of cutting the hair on her My Little Pony ponies (she has 30+, counting the knock-offs). So they're mostly kinda butch now.