My daughter's abuser's fiance works at DT

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Dear God can it never just be simple. We went to take medications into DT for difficult child. We got to see her for a few minutes. She looked tweaked-had that PTSD look to her. She had a rash up her arms and was fidgety. Her cousin (the perpetrator, abuser, sick pedophile) is getting married in a few weeks. His fiancé' is a worker at DT!!!!

    difficult child actually told his fiancé! Mind you we have never disclosed to the family. At first the investigator asked us not to. He wanted the element of surprise. When they never prosecuted or even talked to him, we did not disclose because difficult child did not want us to. I don't know what to do-this is not good. I am glad she told (I hate the secret and what about any future children they have?), but I don’t know about difficult child having to see her every day. It is a giant bomb to have laid on you 2 weeks before your wedding and, how will she react and treat difficult child?
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    Oh, I can just imagine what difficult child is going through!! I know how I felt all the times I ran into my sons' abuser and what she's feeling is at leasts 10 times worse. I am so sorry! How long is she there for? Is there any way to talk to whoever runs the place or the PO or the judge or someone?? Something like this could send her over the edge if she doesn't have support there and help dealing with it. My heart breaks for her and for you.
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    Geez....i am floored. Just sorry. Sending you hugs...
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    Hugs and prayers ........Maybe by speaking out and not having the burden of the secret she will be able to start to heal.......just a wishful thought.
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    Oh honey--I am aching for you. I pray that it will work out and they won't be in contact.

    I don't know the backstory of the abuse-was her abuser charged? If so, can you get a TRO against the fiancée? (given the unusual circumstances)

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    Your judge was somewhat sympathetic. Perhaps you could somehow get the word to him about abuser's fiancee working where difficult child is being detained. My Lord, will this ever stop? I'm concerned this is going to cause difficult child to spiral, poor kid.
    I wonder if difficult child is being taken seriously by fiancee, or does fiancee think it's just a lie and a ploy for attention? Why wasn't cousin ever questioned?
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    Good Grief. Sending hugs. DDD
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    OMG, I am so sorry. Sending prayers...............Hugs too...............CJ has a good idea, can you bring this to someone's attention, it seems there has to be a police record somewhere of the abuse, so you should have some proof. Geez.