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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Jun 18, 2013.

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    If you remember from a thread of mine a few months ago, difficult child 1 had asked if he would have to take medications for the rest of his life. We talked about "experimenting" during the summer when demands were much lower. We talked it over with the psychiatrist and she recommended we start with dropping the afternoon dose of his Strattera and leaving everything else the same. We ALL agreed that the bedtime medications are a necessity, at least for now, and should be left alone. psychiatrist explained to difficult child 1 that we can always start taking it again if need be and that we can always try decreasing it again as he gets older.

    He tried going without for about 3 weeks. At that point, he had become crabbier and complained about most everything. No meltdowns, just irritable and intolerant. When I mentioned it to him and pointed out some examples as they were happening, he realized it too. We started the afternoon dose back up without any complaints whatsoever. He's back to "normal" and is remaining medication compliant, even remembering to take his pill with him if he's going to be away from home and setting his phone alarm to remind him to take it.

    As for previous threads about difficult child 2 and his attitude, he has matured some too. He's working at his jobs (one 30 hrs/wk paid and one volunteer 2 evenings a week). He's finally made some friends and has gotten involved in a local youth group that he hates missing. He's really blossoming. Now if we can get some of the hygiene issues to become more of a habit instead of "pouting" when I make him take care of his face (acne) and blow his nose (allergies).

    My life is so much better this summer that I'm actually enjoying being around my boys. I know, school will return in 2 months but hey, I'll take what I can get and right now, I'm getting a vacation of sorts.

    Thank you all for being here. I would never have made it this far with my family intact without you.
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    Your thread is the first I've read this afternoon and it's such an "upper". I can't tell you how happy I am for you and your family. Hugs. DDD
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    That's great news! I'm so glad to hear positive news and that you're enjoying your summer with your boys.
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    That is great news. My difficult child is going to start weaning off of one of her medications to try this summer too. Hopefully she will be as understanding.
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    Great experiment, TeDo... and great outcome.
    Believe it or not, what you are seeing is a direction.
    Not likely a straight-line direction, but a direction.
    THIS is where your kids are going... even if there are a few bumps left in the road.
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    Wow, way to go! That is great that he realized the medication was helping him. Hearing about your boys makes me hopeful for mine.