My dog is sick


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Poor thing threw up all day yesterday. He hasn't thrown up today (only drank a bit of water today) but is still so lethargic. When the other dog is barking at squirrels and running around, this one just lays there.

I called the vet and they are booked and cant see him till Tuesday!

So irritated.

There is an emergency place, but I have something important I have to do in a couple of hours, so cant take him down that way today.

My mom's vet will come to her house if needed! I cant even get mine in! She is in another state, in a rural area, so that's probably the difference.

They said to try to feed him rice.


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Oh No!! I hope he gets better soon. I have heard rice with bland chicken is good for a sick dog. It's good he's drinking water.

Let us know how he's doing.



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Well, absent the fact that he should've seen the vet yesterday, I'm glad your husband was able to get him into another vet. Please keep us posted on what the vet says.

Hopefully, the new vet is good and you'll be able to switch to his/her clinic. There is NO excuse for not being able to "fit an emergency in"! Dogs can die of dehydration in less than a day.

Hopefully, it is just a "bug" and he hasn't swallowed a foreign obect or anything like that.


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Let us hear how he is. Many of us really love our pets and well be waiting for news.
The first Christmas day we had our oldest dog he was so sick we took him to an emergency vet and he needed an I've with fluids.
I'm glad he got to see a vet.


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Hi All,

Thanks for your kind words!

My pup is doing great!

We got him in to the vet and he got some anti-nausea medications so that he could keep his food down. I fed him some chicken afterwards and he perked up some. He got to feeling better on Saturday and by Sunday he was back to normal!

We adopted him from someone that could not take care of him (and frankly shouldn't ever have another dog, but of course they do) so he has had a somewhat difficult life, but is now thriving.

Thanks for your concern!