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Yes I know it's late, but she's a dear dear friend, I used to be her nurse before I had to leave to be the stay at home mom. anyways, called about my medications, I'm doing the 20 mg Lexapro X 4 weeks for the panic attacks, and Xanax as needed usually 1-3 a day as needed, but always at least 1 a day. They are not getting better and after today I feel like I'm going to have a breakdown.

I have never had one, that I'm aware of, but if I imagined how it would feel this is it. I feel like laying down and not talking to anyone, I find myself starring at walls, or lights, or nothing at all for long periods. Sleeplessness, emotional rollarcoaster, so she is worried I'm going to have a mental breakdown and even mentioned putting me in the hospital for a day or two just to relax and rest (since I have the 3 other kids) but I don't feel like I need that but she did scare me. I'm due to get a tubal March 8th, mabye she can make me stay in the hospital for 2 days, lol for that for a rest. :smile: I should ask.

Anyone experienced this kind of stress??


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I had some very scary moments at the peak of my undiagnosed depression (started to have hallucinations) which was induced by major life stresses at the time (one 5yo diagnosis'd ADHD son, one 3yo undx'd ADHD, an infant, an undx'd ADHD/mood disordered husband who was becoming explosive during our marriage therapy sessions and threatening to walk out, and I was also in the midst of a 1200sf home remodel).

I couldn't understand why I was starting to lose my bowels several times a day and kept seeing a death's head everywhere I looked (in the clouds, in dirt clods, in the bushes, in patterns on the walls, you get the idea).

Are you o.k. with taking the Xanax more than once a day? Can your Lexapro dosage be increased? I think I'd take that extra couple of days in the hx -- the break from your daily chaos will do you good!


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I've had a couple of times when I had been extremely stressed by a series of problems over a number of months - when I just felt I wasn't coping at all. Times when I wanted to lock myself in my room and not answer the door, the phone - nothing. The first time I got through it by giving myself a strict routine. I followed it, day in and day out, until I plucked up the nerve to begin making some changes. I'd even been ordering & eating the same sandwich from the staff canteen every day for a year and eating it at my desk.

The next time I had problems like this - I began having flashbacks of the fires we'd been caught in. I'd be cooking and the heat from the stove would trigger images of the fires. It was all connected to difficult child 3's traumatic birth and I knew I had to get help.

I can't take most medications but I got through with counselling. The psychiatrist wanted me on medications but I coped.

I strongly urge you to get help - talk to your dr first, if you feel you can. She knows you better than most, after all. But do it now. Today. Get help set in motion.

I found I didn't need a lot of help once things got going. With some vital initial help, I was soon able to carry on from there. But I definitely needed the help to begin with, it was like a big ball of knotted string and I couldn't find the end of it. Once I had help the ball began to unravel and I was able to work it through until the tangle was gone.

At one stage a few years later my doctor ordered me into hospital for some tests and a chance to rest. A bit late, mate! I was there for three weeks, after which time my doctor finally realised I didn't need that rest after all.



Mom? What's a difficult child?
You have a lot going on... you are grieving the loss of your son. It is OK to feel this way. It is going to take some time to feel "normal" again... whatever that may be. My doctor was kind of the same way, she is very in tune with how I am doing and wants me to be OK so I can take care of my family. When I was not sleeping and having tons of anxiety she was all over me, started me on the Zoloft, made me come in every couple weeks, made me get a family therapist, has even offered up her daughter to babysit! ... It is not to often we find someone that thinks of us in their off hours, try to listen and please don't be too hard on yourself.
Hang in there, try to sleep, I should be also!!! You are a good person trying hard to do the right thing...


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I've had periods of time where I didn't know where to turn, wondered about the meaning, where I was going, how to find the strength, etc. I believe most people have periods of time like that in times of stress in their lives.

But, when it gets so bad that it's all you think about and you find no joy, no, I can't relate to that.

I would suggest that you continue close contact with your friend and doctor. You have little ones who are totally dependent on you. You need to take care of you for them them, but most of all for you.

You son moving out has to have some effect on this as well.

Perhaps the doctor fudging a few extra days in the hospital for you to rest would be the deal. But that's still a couple weeks away. Take care now. Hugs to you. :angel:



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<span style="color: #000099">you have just had a major upheaval in your life. you son has gone to live with-his dad.

there will be a grieving process that comes along with-this. give it time. try to go with-the flow of it. if you find it overwhelming then give medications a try.

now is the time for your entire family to do some healing...find out what it's like to have a family life with-o all the chaos. none of this will happen in a day. an extra day or two...if the insurance will approve it...when you have the tubal ligation might be a good thing.

what things give you, reading, walking. start carving out time to do these things & allow your mind to wander freely. you'll find your way.

kris </span>


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I have a laundry list diagnosis with panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder on that list, and I'm sure that's correct. My panic disorder was weird. It would go away for years, then kick up BIG TIME when I was under major stress. A few things to consider:
1/ Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy--much different than conventinal therapy and, in my opinion, much more effective. Teaches you a new way of thinking and really helped me. Was the only therapy that ever helped me.

2/ The medications. Lexapro may not be the medication for you. Zoloft made me ten times worse as did Prozac. MUCH worse. Nervous, nightmares, shaking, physical symptoms, panic disorder through the roof.

3/ Give up any caffeine for now. Caffeine was a major trigger for me, and, although it may not be for you, try a soothing, healthy diet.

My medications eradicated my panic attacks. However, I haven't had a major upheaval since I started them a long time ago either. I wish you luck. If you decide to go into the hospital, it's not the end of the world. I've been hospitalized and all three times I came away with good feelings about having been there. Take care :smile:

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Amy, sweetie....

Your difficult child has just gone to live with dad. Knowing it's a good plan for difficult child doesn't take away the pain, the grief, nor the stress that's built up over the last months (years).

I truly believe that our bodies begin to carry a toxin, of sorts, with the level of emotion & stress that many of our difficult children bring into our homes. Our bodies seem to collapse under the strain of that toxin....we hold it together until that toxin is recognized.

I'm glad that your doctor (good friend) is so understanding. Use whatever she can offer to you to start the healing process.

Give yourself a break on the decision you needed to make for the health & well being of your difficult child & in the long run, your entire family.

A family of different addresses is a unique & special family; please remember that. It's not right or wrong - it just is.

Be gentle with yourself, lady......


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I have several diagnosis's myself and not too long ago my therapist convinced me to take a therapeutic vacation of sorts in the hospital. It may have been nice if I wasnt a heavy smoker and they didnt try to control my I ended up walking out AMA because the lack of cigs was more stress than being at home. (Dont they know you dont stress a bipolar person out by denying them cigs? LOL)

Honestly I think I needed that vacation. I was stressed to the max. When we get that way it is good to think about ways to deal with it. I think its great that you have this relationship with your doctor friend. If you can swing a few days in the hospital to rest...go for it.


Wasn't long ago that I felt the same way. I'm pulling myself out of it again, but its hard.

For me, its so easy to get caught up in the expectation of a "normal" life that others feed me. My lot is not typical. I have to learn to let go of the fantasy of "typical" life that I attach myself to at times.

If you can get an extra day or two in the hospital, grab and extra book and take it. Lord knows you need it. We all need breaks from this chaos.

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The normal recommended dose for Lexapro is 10 mg. While many people take 20 mg, they found no better results in the clinical studies with 20 mg than with 10 mg. There is no information in the label on doses higher than 20 mg and they are not recommended.