my flower children


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Well, leave it to a difficult child to come up with this game. Tink is swinging while Sir F. plucks camellias off the bush and then throws them at her. He says they're "bombs." :rolleyes:

Then she hops off and throws flower bombs at him.

It's a good thing the camellia is in the backyard 'cause it's gonna be plucked bald.


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We have an apple and a crab apple tree in the front yard. Those were "bombs" untill someone got hurt. They are too much like rocks.


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Can't they pick up the fallen flowers and throw them?

I like the sound of the apple & crab-apple trees. I used to help my mother pick them and she would make apple jelly. I used to love watching the juice drip through the muslin.
If I'd thrown camellias or apples I'd have been in trouble. Fallen flowers, however, especially azaleas... we used to thread them onto plantain stalks to make long snakes of flowers, like half a lei. Once again, only fallen flowers permitted. And mandarins - only fallen fruit could be eaten by us kids, so we would shake the tree hard then collect the fruit for a feast.