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    I don't know what is going on with either of them but I know that I've got this nagging awful Mom feeling, you know the one that is so very not good for Mom's to get...........

    For several years now Nichole has had issues with her blood pressure suddenly bottoming out and her pulse racing. She sees static in her vision (strobes maybe) or everything goes black and she can't see at all. It comes without warning, and for no apparent reason. Docs have attempted to blame it on blood sugar, yet are stoic that her sugar is fine. They've checked her thyroid. Fine. The MRI when we thought chiari malformation might be possible.......looked normal. She is not dehydrated when it happens.....well, once, but I think that was more of a coincidence than anything.

    She rallies around after several long minutes.

    easy child has done the same thing for several years. She always dismissed it (and so did the doctor) because until this past year it had always happened while she was pregnant. So doctor assumed she was dehydrated or anemia and treated accordingly..........and the attacks (for lack of a better word) did not stop.

    A few weeks back Nichole got sent home from work with a particularly bad episode. Honestly, the nurse at her work should've called an ambulance. Her pulse was way over 200 and her blood pressure was below 90/40!! Instead the idiot let Nichole attempt to drive herself home. By the time she got home the attack had passed and she was afraid to go to the ER for fear they wouldn't believe her again.

    A few days ago easy child was told to leave work for the same symptoms. Actually she was to go downstairs to the ER but although her coworkers (nurses mind you!) were extremely worried about her, she blew it off as dehydration again and headed for home. She was deathly sick by the time she got there, and then didn't want to make the trip back to the hospital where she works to go to the ER. easy child admits it was a very stupid thing to do. She said it's obvious she wasn't in her right frame of mind.

    I had forgotten that easy child had had the same symptoms as Nichole while she was pregnant. But when she reminded me (after last weeks incident) I remembered how furious I was that it kept getting blown off as dehydration and anemia. Ok, yes they can play havoc with your system.......but in a healthy young person it is NOT going to cause symptoms like that. You'd have to be mighty dehydrated first.

    Nichole's also started with pregnancy. Docs poo pooed it. But it has never gone away. Now that easy child had symptoms inbetween Brandon and the baby now.........she's getting very concerned.

    With both girls sharing the same symptoms..........I seriously doubt that dehydration or anemia has a thing to do with what is going on.

    If easy child has another attack she has to wear a halter monitor to see of doctor can figure out if it is her heart. We're trying to push Nichole back in to see him (they share the same fam/ob doctor) but she's working 10 hrs a day 6 days a week and if she takes off she risks getting fired.

    Times like these I'm not so sure I like being Mom to grown kids. If they were little again I'd drag 'em into the doctor and refuse to move until he found out what the heck was wrong.:mad:

    And yes, I should be in bed, but this has been weighing on my mind. That and husband (the idiot) turned the heat UP instead of down and it's currently 90 degrees in the house! :ashamed:

    This is just too weird to be coincidence.
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    How very, very you have any idea what it might be? Saying prayers for both of your girls, and sending hugs for you.
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    Could be supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), pulse is always above 150 with similar symptoms. The holter monitor is a good way to start. I'd suggest a cardiologist consult also. It's VERY important to get to the ER DURING the symptoms so an EKG can be done. There is a treatment for this (medication, heart "shock", etc). Hope this helps!
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    I agree with- Susie - they really need to get heart rhythm documented during one of these episodes. My first thought was to have a cardiology consult (electrophysiology) and possibly a tilt table test, if the Holter doesn't tell them anything, to see if it's a neurocardiogenic kind of thing. With the high pulse, I wouldn't think it would be vasovagal... but a tilt could rule this stuff in/out.

    I agree, Lisa. Motherly worry is a bear and much worse when the kids are old enough to decide for themselves. Downright terrifying.

    Hope you've cooled off a bit. ;)
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    Hi! Some arrythmia's are inherited, so that could explain why both girls are having the same symptoms. You also need to have them check and see if they're taking any type of "supplements" that are holistic. Most herbs, etc. are not tested by the FDA so there are some obscure side-effects that could be going on. AH went on a green tea and ginseng kick a few years ago and I had to take him to the hospital for arrythmia (he thought he was having a heart attack). Turned out that the combo was affecting his heart rythem.

    Either way, I agree a cardiologist would be my first stop.

    I don't blame you for worrying - this has been going on for too long.


    PS: Go fiddle on WebMD. The symptom checker would be helpful in trying to make sense of some of this.

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    I became dizzy and almost faint when I was pregnant, didn't start until I was pregnant, it was due to my BiPolar (BP) dropping. I also became "pre-diabetic" and had to cut all sugar.
    I am fine now but because of my medications I will have my BiPolar (BP) drop and become dizzy and almost black out. This only happens once in awhile. Maybe once a month.

    My BiPolar (BP) runs on the lowish side (this considered normal though). Always has. I think 116/62 but it will drop when I am walking, not from a sitting to standing.

    So while mine is no big deal, theirs sounds worrisome. I would do the Mom worry.
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    It made me think of Autonomic Nervous System stuff.

    In either case, a cardiologist should be involved.