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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tinamarie1, Feb 26, 2008.

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    This is making me crazy and I can't wait to see my new therapist in March (if i make it that long before quitting). I have worked since I was 16 yrs old, out of all those years, I did insurance for 12 yrs. I sometimes worked 2 jobs to put husband through college not once, but twice, yes he has 2 bachelors degrees (don't get me started on that). So when he got his last degree, and joined the Navy, he told me that I could stay at home, or do whatever I wanted. Well, here we are in the love-ly state of Virginia and things are ALOT more expensive namely heating oil, an extra $170 a month(we have to pay this year round by the way), electric $205 a month (thats on the spread out monthly savings plan), water $90 a month. I could go on but you get the picture. Anyway, it leaves us with very little left over at the end of the month and sometimes scraping by at the grocery store. So, I decided to get a part time job. Its not insurance, but doing customer service for this company that sells military supplies. This is greek to me and they are a start up company that has no written procedures or manuels for training you. Which makes someone like me crazy, they have 20 steps to do one thing and make like 11 copies of every document to give to everyone even ppl who don't need it. Even though its only 5 hours a day, it is something that I totally do not enjoy and I am the ONLY part timer at this company and feel like other women shoot daggers behind my back esp. when I am leaving and they say "oh it must be sooo nice to get off at 2:30".
    I don't want to work. Ok, only when I am struggling to pay bills do I want to work. husband says he doesn't want me to work. So, why am I working? So we can have extra money and maybe go on a vacation? so that if i want to go home to louisiana and see my family i can?
    I know I sound like a whiny baby, but I need advice. or just to vent i guess.
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    I took an extra part time job to buy something I wanted several years ago. I posted pictures of what I wanted to buy in my work area, my day planner, my calendar, etc, so I had lots of reminders as to why i was doing that.

    Figure out why you ARE working, then maybe you can try some reminders, too.

    Or maybe a different line of work.
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    Why not become a consultant for those "home show" the all popula rP ______ chef or one of those companies? You earn extra money, work the hours you want to work and earn trips and stuff., I do not work for one of those companies.