My little dog snores...because he's part ****zu?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Sep 15, 2013.

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    I was just wondering. It's amusing to watch and listen to my little Damian sleep. He is less than twenty pounds, but snores like a foghorn. And he has a little trouble in the heat too. He is 3/4 chihuahua and 1/4 ****zu and I wonder if the ****zu in him is causing this. Although he is only 1/4th ****zu, he has a lot of ****zu traits, including his size, his temperment (not chihuahua-like) and a shorter snout than a regular chihuahua. Yet it's not as flat as a ****zu. Could that be the reason? Anyone else have a snoring dog?

    LOL...I can't believe t he site censored the type of dog we have. Mebbe I spelled it wrong :)
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    Snoring in dogs is mostly due to deformed palate. It also causes dog trouble when warm. Dogsw keep that snoring noice, because they can not get air properly to their lungs. If it is bad (in other words, if it is not just snoring when sleeping and extreme heat or excitement but happens regularly also when dog is awake and not in extreme conditions), it usually means dog needs to be operated or euthanised. As you can imagine, having to live without being able to breath normally and feeling like choking all the time is torture.

    The problem is common with dogs with very short nose (can occur also with dogs without these facial abnormalities, but is rare with dog with normal, well balanced head.) English Bulldog is the worst breed. Their faces are so deformed that very high percentage has to be operated because of this. And you are right Shih Tzu, is other notorious breed when it comes to this issue. Chihuahuas do have normally developed noses, so that helps your little guy and his situation is not likely so bad as many Shih Tzus .
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    I'm cracking up at the way the sensor edited this. Your dog sounds like a cutie!
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    He is.

    Suz, he's able to breathe. It's not THAT bad. He sees the vet regularly. His snout isn't as bad as a shih-tzu (thanks for the spelling, but it's shorter than a chihuahua. You can kinda see his snout on my avator. He's the one of his back.
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    Yeah, if he doesn't keep the sound that often when breathing awake, it is not that bad (but snoring is same with dogs as human, sign of something not being quite right in your breathing during night) and will likely not cause him any bigger trouble. But this problem is something, that people should know about, when they take pets. Many do find dogs with short snout cute, but cuteness does not really compensate all the worry and sorrow (and cost) the problems short snout can cause then again can cause the pet owner.

    There are lots of cute and comparable breeds so that one doesn't have to pick a dog, that has build, that often causes significant problems. Or with many breeds, it is not yet all lost (I'm afraid English Bulldog is, they have so many horrible health issues) but you can for example find a breeder, who uses shih tzus with just a little bit longer snout. They may not do quite as well in all dog shows, but quality of life can be much better both to puppies and their owners. And if you are taking a mix, that has problematic breeds in their lineage, this is one thing you can say a lot by just looking the puppy. Many other health issues are more difficult to know and don't show so easily.
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    I have had three Shih Tzu's and none of them have ever snored. But I do think that breeds with short muzzles can be prone to that.

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    Thanks for the news, Kathy. I really take very good care of the doggies so I'm going to bring it up to the vet. Suz, he doesn't have breathing problems when awake or even running. Also, Suz, I prefer mutts/rescues/shelter dogs. I'm great with responsible breeders and have NOTHING against them. But I tend to be drawn toward the underdog (no pun intended...hehe...and this applies to humans too). I would probably adore your son, grumpy and all, because he has some problems, just as I am drawn to all people who need extra nurturing.

    If I did get a purebred, I did a test on the Animal Planet Site to see "my" breed and it was a bichon frise. I adore them and would probably get one. Often mutts don't get all the health problems of a purebred, but that has been disputed too of late. Dogs, dogs, :)
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    As long as he's not having any problems I wouldn't worry about it - just enjoy him! It could be that being part Shih Tzu is what's causing the snoring but I've had dogs of other breeds that snored too.

    I've had Bostons for 20 years, currently have three of them, and absolutely adore them! People who love the smooshy-faced breeds actually find all that snoring, snorting and grunting to be endearing. I know I do! All brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds require a little extra care and attention and if they get it, they do just fine. They are strictly indoor kind of guys and can't handle extremes in temperatures because they have problems regulating their body temperature. They can overheat very easily, have a heat stroke and die. When a dog gets hot and pants, air is drawn through their nasal passages where it is cooled down. When a brachycephalic breed dog pants, it doesn't do them much good because their nasal passages are only about a half-inch long! Of my three, Katy is the most smooshy-faced and is the only one who actually snores and snorts. She's fine as long as I don't over-tax her. She's healthy and happy and plays and romps like a puppy and she just turned nine. Something else you might look for is what they call "stenotic nares" - means their nostrils are too narrow - Katy has that too and it also can cause breathing problems. With my other two, their nostrils are little open tear-drop shaped holes. Katy's nostrils are little slits. It causes her to breathe more through her mouth which sounds like a snort. The condition can be corrected surgically but it sounds barbaric and I hesitate to have the vet do a Roto Rooter job on my dogs' nose and I don't think Katy would appreciate it either!

    There are some breeds that have been "over-bred", mostly by the dog show people, where certain characteristics of the breed are over-emphasized to the extent that it is harmful to the dogs health. In Bostons, the trend for show dogs is to have an extremely flat face where their little noses are just a button and sometimes actually dented in to their face - cute but not good. English Bulldogs are the worst though. They are bred to have huge heads, massive shoulders and chests, and narrow hindquarters. This has resulted in dogs that are unable to birth their own big-headed babies and must deliver by C-section. A lot of Bostons have to be delivered by C-section too. This is why breeding theses dogs is not for amateurs or backyard breeders. With bulldogs, their body build not only causes problems having puppies, they are prone to heart problems, back issues, and joint problems in their shoulders and front legs from supporting the massive weight of their front ends. I would dearly love to have an English Bulldog one day but their lifespan is relatively short compared to other breeds and if I had one, it would just kill me to lose it at an early age.
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    Thanks for the kudos, Donna. I actually know one breed that is overbred because I loved the breed and had that type of dog and their mixes for years: Cocker spaniels. It's a pity how overbred they are.

    I love Bostons too. A friend of mine has five Bostons. They are sooooooooooo cute and loveable. I really can't think of any breed dog I dislike. I like pitbulls too and try to help save them. I'm very much a dog person and my dogs are my babies since my youngest daughter is sure to be off to college next year.

    I do think it's cute when Damian snores and makes silly noises in his sleep. He dreams too and barks. Yet he is such a mellow, easygoing fella when he's awake. A better dog I couldn't have asked for. Now my yorkie/bichon mix...hmmmmph....she is a difficult child. Always wants to fetch and will bark for attention. But she is beautiful and sweet and I love them both just like members of my family.

    I am actively working against both back yard breeders and puppy mills, and am a big Spay and Neuter person.
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    No info on the snoring issue, but a funny to share.

    My inlaws got a dog a few years back that is half Lhasa Apso and half Shih-tzu. While she is the sweetest thing, my husband could NOT keep from making a comment on her 'breed'. As a Lhasa- Shih-t . Step mother in law was NOT happy. Seems she had a LOT of people comment on that the week husband made that comment, lol! Later she admitted that it WAS funny and she was just having a bad week (no sleep due to crying baby dog who had to potty every 2 hrs, lol!).
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    LOL Susie!!!! Thanks for the early morning laugh!
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    You have a whatzu? LOL!
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    I guess i spelled it

    Ya can't fool da censor!!
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    Susiestar....that is funny!

    We had a dog called Sheisla ....I don't know if I'm spelling it right, but it was a joke being stationed in Germany just years before getting meant shi*head. She was a cute dog.