Update on peeing and pooping dogs

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    I just felt a need to follow up, although it makes me sad.

    After looking and looking for a safe place for our babies, who have started peeing and pooping in our house non-stop, we finally, finally found an adoption place that keeps unadoptable dogs for their entire lives. I don't believe my dogs are necessarily unadoptable, but together they do not work and they need more room than we have in our small rental house (without a fenced yard). They are doing their business in the house and fighting with one another. So.....as soon as they come to the top of a waiting list, we are going to pay $150 a dog to get them into this wonderful place, which we visited. The dogs will get more activity there than they could ever get here, the volunteers are very involved (the chief volunteer is a vet) and there are many acres for the dogs to run. The only euthanize (as even no-kill shelters do) for dogs who are terminally ill or so aggressive that their volunteers can't get near them. Neither applies to my dogs.

    I actually got a tip by asking for help on Craigslist. About eight people wrote me about this place. Most volunteered there and were most enthusiastic. A "surprise" visit by us confirmed their happiness. We spoke to the head of the organization. The $150 doesn't even come close to covering the care the animals get...if they are sick, they get good vet care and if they are not spayed/neutered, they get that done too (mine are).

    This, however, is one of my saddest Christmases ever. Every time I come home, the dogs jump on me with wagging tails, not knowing, of course, that they won't be here much longer. And although I know they will have a better life there, it is still hard. We were told that they should have spots by January.

    My little chihuahua/****zu mix has to be seperated from the other three dogs because they are sometimes mean to him and because I don't want him to pick up their bad bathroom manners.

    Yes, I tried a trainer. Yes, I tried EVERYTHING I could have, but the dogs are a pack and together they just don't work and we already replaced the carpet for the landlord. Next is the tile. IF he saw the house, he would make us rehome the dogs tomorrow rather than us just doing it our own way and to the best place we could find.

    Anyhow, it WILL be a big relief once they are settled in at their new home. It is hard to clean up pee and poop all day long. Plus one dog is territorial about the house and visitors can't come over without his going after them so he has to be crated. Then he barks for their entire visit. We don't have a basement so the crate has to stay upstairs while the dog barks nonstop. We have stopped inviting people over.

    Anyhow, that's our sad story. I always used to get on people who gave up their older dogs, but now I understand, although I don't think that dumping them at a pound, where they will be euthanized, is a good answer.

    Thanks for reading my vent.
  2. AnnieO

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    :hugs: I know it's hard... But you did a great job finding a home for them.
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    OMG, thank you. It was very hard, but I was determined that the dogs would not be put down simply due to behavior problems that are probably *my* fault. I didn't know much about training dogs back then. I know A LOT more now, which is why my chi-mix, whom hub and I affectionately call "Little Poop", is a happy, obedient dog who has no aggression at all in him.
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    I have a shih-tzu and I noticed one of yours is a shi mix. They are notorious for being hard to housetrain. I love her to death but it is true that I have to watch her all the time and be very responsive to her signals. If I'm not there to let her out she will just find someplace to go. But I have found over time that she will use those puppy pads if I'm not home. I have one in the laundry room and it has been my saving grace. Most dogs will just wait until you get home, not my shih-tzu. If she has to go she will just go. She is now 13 years old and having some physical problems so it it's raining and she doesn't want to go out she will head to the laundry room.
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    I'm truly sorry you have this sadness in your heart, but you've made a good decision for your doggies in a thoughtful manner. I give you a lot of credit for doing the right thing.
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    Im glad you found a good solution. Honestly if I didnt own my own place, I would probably have to do the same thing. I will be darned if I know why I cant house break a dog. I try like all get out but Abby just wont train. Oh I can get her to sit and lay down but potty outside? Forget it. Now she is even missing the puppy pads and I have three of them put down at a time! I think that is because she is so large and simply doesnt get where her butt it. She puts a paw on the pad and figures all is good.

    My living room carpet is ruined. That isnt the worse part because it was pretty bad beforehand anyway but I am cleaning up dog poop every day and it stinks. Im tired of doing it. I mean I leave her out on a chain for most of the day and one would think she would do her business then but no, she waits until she is inside. How I dont know either. I watch her at night religiously and she goes in her crate all night long. Tony lets her out at 4 am to do her business then she comes back in. I think its happening when he lets her run loose from about 5 am till 8 am in the morning. But heaven knows why that is her time. She has 21 other hours in the day.

    After Xmas we are putting up a fence in the yard to give her a big area to play. I think she is simply outgrowing staying in the house. We are going to let her have the ability to go under the house to keep warm and dry but have a big play yard but she will only come in the house from the back door. The gate will be at the side of the house so no one can open it and let her loose. We are just going to lock it with a padlock. I think part of her issues are boredom.
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    Nancy, the dogs in question are all cocker mixes. The chi/****zu is goind great :) He is trained to a potty pad in bad weather and it is avery good boy.
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    I'm sorry that you have to give up your puppies. It sounds as though you have found a very good place for them. I know you love and care for them very much, and they are going to be better for this.

    When the time comes, you can decide if there is a better fit for you.
  9. Hound dog

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    Sounds as if you found the best possible solution for them and that they'll be happy.

    I will say though, it might be that if the dogs are separated (the pack dissolved), much of the behaviors might also either be corrected or simply vanish. Sometimes that and a completely new environment helps. Never know.

    I'm glad there are places like this though. It's nice to know such options exist. You're an awesome doggie mom to have worked so hard to find them such a place.

    Janet, I think the issue you're having with Abby is that you're not physically able to hop up and get her outside every single time/the moment she needs to go and stand there to make certain she does her business before she comes back inside. My mom had that issue with Putsie, the dog she had for a while. Then someone came and stayed with her (a grandchild I think) who could get him out immediately without fail and it went much better. When I added in that she needed to give him a small treat every single time he went along with lavish praise.....it was a done deal in short order. BUT she had to have someone there willing and able to get him out quickly when needed.

    When Maggie started house training she was literally going out every 5 mins. I think this was because the litter was born/raised outside and she'd never had a reason to learn to hold it. For a long time it was every 10-15 mins. I was thrilled when she made it to a half hour. I think she was 3 months before she could stretch to two hours except at night. Now? She's six months and only goes out a few times a day other than to play. Which I just recently noticed and thought to myself Wow! lol That nearly drove me nuts. I'd grown used to older dogs who usually went out twice a day tops unless to play.
  10. Fran

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    The dogs will be safe and cared for. It's the best thing that could happen.
  11. Jody

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    I am so glad that you found somewhere for them to go. Sounds like a good fit. I know it will be hard but it sounds like something that you need to do. Hugs.
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    Spaniels are a handful - even IF properly and intensively trained from the get-go. You have ALL of my sympathy.