My Little Door to Door Salesman

Stella Johnson

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difficult child's latest obsession is selling things. Usually she wants a lemonade stand in the front yard. I have let her do it a few times when it was still warm outside.

Today she made little turtles out of clay and went to our immediate neighbors selling them. she made $3 :rofl:

I don't let her go any further than the neighbors we know. She was so proud that she had sold her turtles. :smile: She said everyone told her how talented she is.

Just had to share. difficult child was too cute tonight.



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My easy child sold painted rocks when he was 4or 5. He and his little buddy did it on their own. They made out like bandits. It is hard for even the biggest Scrooge not to melt at cute litte entreprenures. -RM


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For her 11th birthday, easy child 2/difficult child 2 bought herself a balloon sculpture kit with the money she was given. She worked at it until she could do it well. She hunted around and found places where she could buy bulk bags of sculpture balloons. She would take the balloons and her balloon pump in her school bag and sell them to her classmates. Because she had to catch a train to and from school she then began to sell her balloon animals to shopkeepers and other people she met. She would be making one balloon sculpture and people would begin to queue up to watch; then buy a balloon. She only charged $1 (the bulk balloons cost her 20c each) and this kept her in balloons. She now does this professionally (and charges more). There are websites where you can look up more complex balloon sculpture designs - she once did a metre-high Daffy Duck for a friend's birthday - it took about ten balloons. She can invent new balloon shapes based on old ones she knows. I can heartily recommend this as an activity to any kids easily bored but dextrous with fingers. Or any kid who needs to develop dexterity.

And all those shopkeepers - every so often easy child 2/difficult child 2 has had a 'gig' stiltwalking in the area, often making balloon animals at the same time. They all remember her and come out to watch and cheer her on.

Her stiltwalking was another hobby which has taken off professionally.

So you can never be sure that she isn't setting the pace for a future career path!


Stella Johnson

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My difficult child used to paint rocks too. She made some very creative animals with them.

The balloon sculptures sound interesting. I am going to look around for one for difficult child. I think she would love it.