My Matt found a great job :)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mattsmom277, May 26, 2011.

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    Just wanted to share with you all that my Matt was hired today for his first job. He'll be working doing environmental clean up at a oil spill site near to his town. I haven't been able to speak directly to him as he's in first aid training course today and tomorrow. He'll call tonight. But he used his mobile phone to send a message and it seems it will be at least a 8 month job and his salary will be about $300 per day. He spent the day yesterday qualifying for a certification for working around hydrogen sulfide. I'm so excited for him. His confidence is snowballing and if this job works out, he's never going to want to go backwards and be paid lower level salaries. This can only encourage his desire to go to college/University. So proud of him :). His first spending from his new job will be paying to put a new roof on the house. He is grasping being responsible so well. It's a happy mama moment. I can almost forgive him properly now for not getting my cap and gown mama moment at a graduation. ;)
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    Way To Go Matt!!!!! Woot!!!
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    Sounds like a great job!
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    How awesome! Way To Go Matt!
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    That is wonderful !!!!:likeit::congratualtions::congrats: