My sister's mastectomy is delayed...because of what?? Nutsy!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Just got a call giving me an update...or "down" date. I'll try to make this brief, sigh. She was diagnosis'd with stage one breast cancer about a week ago. Her daughter set her up with the "top" breast surgeon & reconstruction surgeon (not easy to do but her daughter has mega connections). Before heading to the "big city" to meet with the surgeons she went in person to her hometown doctors. offices to "get her records" and "check to see if there was anything else she needed". Nurses provide records and say "good luck".

    So she is seen by the "top" guys, given an MRI which shows that a mastectomy is the right choice. The surgeons were ready to schedule her for tomorrow. Ooops. They have to have "releases" from her regular MDs. So she and her husband drive back to hometown...and two of her Dr's won't sign releases with-o seeing her in person. Where she lives the doctors don't work on Friday! SO..she has to wait until Monday to be seen in person and therefore the surgery schedule went down the drain. Neither could "fit her in" today.

    It's not the end of the world..but absurd since she has seen both of those Dr's in 2012. Bottom line is, I guess, that insurance companies and lawyers rule the world. She's a bit volatile, lol, and said to the head nurse at one office "I have cancer. I am scheduled for surgery. I'll sign a release of liability but I sure as heck am not going to wait until it's convenient for your schedule." LOL DDD
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    I "liked" this only for the last part! She sounds full of fire. :hugs: for her!!!
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    Me too! I hope she gives them holy H*ll! How absurd!
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    Take my word for it, lol, she know's how to give it. on the other hand she's not going to win the battle and will be praying that her surgeons can get her in the first of the week. I "talked her down" a bit by suggesting that being at her home with just her husband for the weekend probably would give her a chance to relax from the emotional stress of being swamped with calls and being surrounded by her daughter and family. They are nice people but "there's no place like home" for chilling and getting good rest.

    But isn't that a bummer? Personally I think head nurse's think they're the Dr...just like Attorney's Secretaries think they have law degrees. :rolleyes: DDD
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    Unbelievable! If she chose to see the specialist, no one else should have to 'sign off' on the surgery. I mean, Jeez, really?? Sign off on having cancer removed?? I hate insurance companies!

    I'll keep your dear sister in my thoughts that the weekend blows by and surgery is scheduled asap. I too would hate the waiting.
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    Ugh. I thought this only happened in assisted living ctrs, where they live in fear of surprise state inspections.
    I am so sorry for your sister.
    This is actually worse than the actual surgery ... the waiting part. The frustration with-bureacracy.
    I did not have to have my family dr sign off on anything. I guess ea insurance company is diff but yes, it is run by lawyers.
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    Yup. The medical profession is dictated by insurance co's and lawyers. Honestly, it's gotten so bad I'm surprised they allow docs to make any decisions at all anymore.

    I'm doubting this one has to do with insurance, insurance will have to pay for those extra visits. So guessing lawyers in this case. Probably a way to ensure the patient gets a 2nd opinion whether they want it or not, whether the doctor is actually qualified to give it or not. A cover your fanny scenario.
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    I think someones office needs a get well card --------for BUTTHOLE surgery. She delivered it nicely and ripped em a new one with style.

    Sending hugs.
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    Hey DDD - didn't have a chance to respond yesterday but I want you to know that I will be thinking of you and your sister and I hope it all goes well.
  10. susiestar

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    I just saw this. I am sorry your sister has to deal with this, it is a hassle she does NOT need on top of the health problems. I do know that here they make your docs all sign off so that they are sure to get the complete list of medications, and the surgeon needs to know that your primary care doctor thinks you are well enough to survive the surgery. It is a way to verify that you are healthy enough, and it also I am sure protects from some liability. Regardless, it sure seems idiotic.

    Sending lots of hugs to you, and best wishes that things get rescheduled and this is taken care of very soon and that she is doing great soon after the surgery and whatever other treatment is needed.