my son detaching from family

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by february, May 15, 2017.

  1. february

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    He disconnected the phone or no money to pay, told me Friday he was disappearing.
    His angry at every one.
    I pray for the best for him.
  2. SomewhereOutThere

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    He is angry at everyone for not giving him money maybe? This is common with our difficult adults and is a form of emotional blackmail to make you give in. You are not alone....and I feel it is not useful for us and for them if we give in. He is too old to throw a toddler tantrum and get his way. He needs to know he is an adult and has to find his own way...he can do it. Its just harder. And the adults who bring us here like things done for them and easy so they get toddler like angry if we wont. Dont take this personally, please.

    Try not to obsess. Its a mean game they play.
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  3. runawaybunny

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    Hello @february

    I'm sorry your son is so angry. Keep in mind that his life experience is directed by his own attitude and choices. You cannot control his thoughts or his behavior.

    ::gentle hug:::

    Take good care of yourself.
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  4. february

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    Thank you!
  5. february

    february Member

    It is an ugly thing how is hurting all of our family.
  6. RN0441

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    When they are actively addicted their brain is sick and they cannot control it. I struggle with this with our son too.

    I see it as a tragedy to be an addict but the worse tragedy of all is NOT getting help when it is offered and readily available to them.

    However not wanting help is part of the sick brain's thinking.

    That's a helluva thing to figure out isn't it!