My son went out there and did it.....


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He got a job!!! I think last time I checked in we had given my 17 year old son an ultimatum. He had to get a job and start paying the car insurance and gas on his car as soon as school was over. He was NOT happy and spent a lot of weeks making us all miserable. He would cry and yell and tell us that he just couldn't do it. He suffers from anxiety. He came home one day and told us that he applied for and got a job at the local mall in a fast food place. He had his first night of training and enjoyed it. He said all the people were nice and that they trusted him to do all sorts of different tasks. He even started a smidge above minimum wage. He said that it was hard talking to people but that with practice he was confident he would get better. I am so proud of him. I am learning to be thankful for the steps forward he makes. As far as I can tell, he continues to stay away from smoking weed. Huge huge steps for him. Life is far from perfect with him, as without weed he is irritable and moody. But he is slowly moving forward and I continue to work on myself and not letting his ups and downs take me out.

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Hi UpandDown. Good for him! A job is valuable toward learning and self-esteem. I hope today he's feeling good about himself.
But he is slowly moving forward and I continue to work on myself and not letting his ups and downs take me out.
...and this...Great for you. Prayers.


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Excellent! Refreshing to see at least ONE kid is capable of working (as opposed to having their face glued into a cell phone!)

And very good that he is working with people - hopefully dealing with the general public. That is good for mental health - learning how to deal with people, learning what their expectations are, etc.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


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Hooray! All my kids either worked to pay for their share of the insurance and gas or they didn't drive. They never complained. That was how we had always done things and it paid off. The kids all have great work ethics. None ever had to be pushed to get a job. I think this one of the best parenting decisions we made.

Good job, Mom!