My trip to the VA and "my mother" update

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    I had my dr's appointment today at the VA. I was mainly wanting an allergy medication rx'd, then I was going to see a SW about direction for housing and finding a job. I ended up getting a shot to protect against bacterial pneumonia, blood work, a chest x-ray, and the wrong kind of allergy medication. And didn't have time to see the SW after all that so I have to go back tomorrow. Shewww.... LOL! It's ok I guess. They give good care in the military and I know they had reason to run these tests. Plus, if I'd just seen a dr the first time in private practice today, I doubt seriously the blood work and x-ray would already be done within 3 hours after the appointment. Since I have to go back anyway to see the SW and schedule a mammo, I'm going to take this allergy medication back and talk to the pharmicist there. Maybe he/she can talk to the dr. The issue is that I need the decongestant kind and she only gave me an antihistamine. She was an intern under the supervision of a MD so hopefully, the pharmicist can ask her about it or something. This humidity makes it worse and my head is about to explode. I had been on a decongestant type for 3-4 years and they can verify this with my previous local dr since they don't have my records in their system yet.

    As far as my mother, I emailed her something similar to what was suggested in my previous thread, but didn't include so much about difficult child's feelings. Then I get an email from her today saying she's so glad we are doing well and getting things worked out (HUH??) and she thinks she'll have her house on the market next week. If it sells, she'll go stay with her sister for a while until she finds a place of her own. Then, she would love for us to come and see her and stay with her a while.

    My first thought was "well it must be nice to have family that will help you and let you stay there when you are between homes". My second thought is to email her back and say that I really appreciate her trying so hard not to hurt mine and difficult child's feelings by not coming right out and saying that she doesn't want to see us, but she doesn't need to bother with that anymore. It's pretty obvious to both difficult child and me after not seeing us for two years and then coming up with excuses why it's not convenient for us to come there this year and planning to move to the mid-west, that we will probably never see her again and this is clearly not on the top of her priority list.

    Honestly, what grandparent's rights does she think she has? I thought it meant the right to talk and visit and have a relationship with the kid. She apparently thinks it means whether or not she wants a relationship with him or cares to make any effort to have one, she has a right to know every detail going on in our lives and create havoc for us if I don't tell her or if it doesn't meet her approval.

    PS. God bless those at the VA center who were clearly still suffering mentally from VietNam and those young men in wheelchairs who obviously had been in the more recent wars.
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    I am glad the VA was helpful, and I hope they get the allergy medications right tomorrow and can help you with the housing problems and other things. I hope when you move you block your mom from email or change your email and don't tell her and don't give her your phone numbers. Her version of "rights" is toxic and is the last thing you need.
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    That could end up happening, Susie, except she'll end up claiming she has a panic attack and get somebody (who knows who this time) so stirred up believing that I'm abusing difficult child or something that we'll end up with more koi.

    I have to compliment the nurses there- one gave a shot and another did the bloodwork (3 tubes) and both were nearly painless. They were both very fast but honestly, I barely knew they had done anything before it was over and I am a big whimp about things like that.
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    I'm glad your VA visit was productive, for the most part. Sorry you had to go back.
    I know what you mean about allergies. I woke up today, totally congested, and my eyes watered until noon.
    I agree with-Susiestar about your mom. Best of luck.
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    K...just move and forget to tell your mom. If she ever makes a stink with someone you can look at them with a look of complete shock and say...Oh my, I wondered why we hadnt heard from her. She told us she was moving and I didnt know where!" Practice that blank
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    I can do the blank look- I get lots of practice with difficult child!!