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    Well i have been gone for awhile my husband had back surgery and i was busy with him my son who has adhd/odd! and a 1 year old ! finally now things have slowed down.

    I met with the school and so far the techniques that the behavior spealist put into affect is some what working.(no calls everyday). I am thankful for that other than that his doctor has taken him off the medications because they were affecting him emotionally and he was starting to become to agressive.

    So for now he is in couseling and we are going to see how that out if it works then no more medications but at anypoint that he shows no improvement he is back on the medications!

    I have finally let my family go they were part of the promblem because the y used to tell my son it was ok what he was doing he couldn't help it and he began to get worst now he is so
    much better.

    Ijust take it one day at a time and have taken time out for my self more that help with my stress issue. well no one will probably respond to this post but writing helps me to relive stress .