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At first things were in limbo but we have some progess now that is making things easier not only for me but the other parents of the kids in that place. Gfgd is still in the group home but it is under a different admin now. Seems I wasn't the only one with concerns about that place. Now I will be getting monthly updates on how she is doing, the programs she has been court-ordered into(anger, life skills,job hunting) and she is also under an order to contact us twice a month via phone and one supervised visit a month as well.

The officer who has been helping me is now the liason between the parents. staff and clients of the home and will call when there is a concern.

Not really sure what all happened
but I look at this as a good step forward for us and the other parents. We found out that because some of the residents there are violent the staff had slipped into a "safe zone" and pretty much let the kids run the place for fear of retaliation(threats, assaults, false allegations).



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Phew/Whew! I'm glad you have reason to feel better about the placement. It is gut wrenching when you have no control over the
actual safety of your child. Sending hugs. DDD


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Great News!! That place sounded way out of control and I couldn't understand how any of those kids would ever get the help they needed. Now maybe things will be different and your daughter can move forward.


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There's no question that the place had run amok. I'm so glad you reported your concerns and others did, too. This sounds much more professional and helpful for the kids.

Good for whoever it was who laid down the law and followed through. :bravo:


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I ditto Suz. :bravo:

I'm glad you and the other parents can now feel more comfortable with the facility.
That is very good news CA. I'm guessing that your involvement made a big difference in bringing the problems to light and getting something done.

:bravo: :warrior: