my wbc is up and i'm heading to neurologist?

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    so the fun just keeps on a going lol

    i finally am taking care of me went to dr and had my blood work done my white blood cell count came back high. so i went to dr. today for follow up to see if i was sick and just didn't knwo it.

    no infection was found at all i'm all good. so i'm experiencing blurried vision which i have on and off for two years yet seems to be increasing as of late to twice a day. also headaches naseua when traveling or even through day extreme dizziness fatigue cramping of my toes and numbness in my fingers periodically. also frequent urination thirst i'm forgetting everything even more than usual. short term memory seems to be off my speech lately well i sound fine but i keep saying stuff backwards on occassion boyfriend corrects me yet the memory things been bad.

    i can go through my day and suddenly feel like i'm going to go down all of a sudden. i honestly felt or thought i had diabetes that would make sense i travel with granola bars for a quick lift when i'm feeling crappy.

    so the doctor is sneding me to neuro guy. he drew more blood today at office. he said it doens't fit leukmeia because differentials in blood do not indicate that. he said it's looking like ms to him. he said we have to rule it out.

    so anyone else ever run across any of this stuff? i'm so bad last blood test was over 2 years ago. i just attribute everthing to stress. maybe i was wrong.

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    so i looked up ms on the web. it says "ms episodes" what does that mean exactly? ok mayb ei'll start another post.
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    MS is generally an illness with flares and remissions. I'm assuming episodes means a flare.
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    that's what i figured also but i was wondering if anyone here ever experienced them what their like? symptoms i mean and stuff. my dr. tried explaining it to me today.