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OK, you warrior parents you...

If your kid has set his "profile to private", does that mean the only way I can see his myspace space is to log in as if I'm him (because I'm a slimy mom who has his password providing he hasn't changed it in the last 3 weeks)? I don't want to log in because he's out of town and I seem to recall that there's a little notation of the last time he logged in?? While he's fairly oblivious, one of his buddies is pretty savvy and may catch it.

Or do I have to have him add me to his "friends list" (gag me)? I am not so sure he will, especially 'cuz I just nailed his little posterior to the wall for sending Wicca junk to his brother. :grrr: thank you doesn't know I have *his* email password, but all the kids know I have the other kids' passwords and will moniter email.

Looks like this evening will be spent installing Net Nanny and setting it up to record keystrokes because I wouldn't put it past thank you to get Weeburt *another* email acct so he can share the spewage - though I don't think Wee is interested, but ... trying to cut that off at the pass.


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I'm sure he won't add you as a friend because he doesn't want you to have access.

I know my easy child daughter has hers set to private and she really doesn't have much to hide from me. I know that because she has her password stored and when I know none of her friends are on, or her boyfriend, and she's working, once in awhile I log into hers just to keep an eye out and make sure she has nothing to hide. She has hers set to private because when she first made an account she had her name, school, city she lives in, everything in her profile. Anyone could have gone to her school and knew exactly who she was. I told her she better set it to private and not put anything to personal about herself as there are to many wackos out there.

Yes it does say the date you logged in and it will show when you are online, so you need to be very careful.


Well-Known Member does say when last accessed.

But dearest mom...get savvy! Make a myspace page as either weeburt or.....a wicca junkie!!!! Just spend a few hours while he is away setting yourself up as a older teen/youngish 20s guy....scour the net for wicca witchcraft junk...stick it on the page...and make up a name, fake email account...and get him to invite you when he gets home...voila! If you make your page rather inviting he wont be able to resist. Get yourself invited to a bunch of other peoples open sites...and black dark music sites.



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Janet, you have way too much time on your hands!


I'd pay some kid (who doesn't know difficult child) $10 to do it instead! :wink:


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Oh Janet... :ill: :ill: :ill:

It's bad enough that I have to deal with- this junk in the first place, but you want me to go out and find *more*??????? :rofl: Heaven only knows what kind of loony toons I'd find... and quite frankly, I know more than I want to now, LOL.

He's already negotiating what he can/can't have at home that is Wicca related. I finally made it simple - not a doggone thing.

So now he wants me to rent him out a storage space for all his stuff when he moves back home. :hammer:

Think I can get him into a good Catholic school for his SR year??? :hypnosis:
It is in the child's best interest to have their profile set to private, obviously, because of all the weirdos out there. That being the case, if a teen wants the pleasure of having a myspace, they should have to agree to spot checks by mom & dad. Therefore, their password should be made available at all times (and it may need to be changed often, since a lot of times the sites get phished) and they have no say whatsoever as to how often you check it. I'm all for kid's privacy, but the web is a different animal. You just can NOT be too careful. That is just my take on the whole thing.


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Well Sue....if you are really really want..and you ask me really really nicely...I could probably set up a nice Myspace account for you over the weekend and send you the After all, as others have pointed out...I have no life!


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LOL, Janet - be careful... I may have to take you up on it!! Though you'll have to be careful not to get drawn over to the dark side.... :hypnosis:

Kitty - I agree with- you 100%. problem is, the kid doesn't live at home (yet) and therefore is not necessarily bound by my rules, even though he knows full and well what the rules are here and that there are no exceptions when/if he does live under my roof. We shall see.

A little surprised that he was:

a) So sneaky as to tell Weeburt "don't tell Mom"
b) He directly violated what I thought was an agreement not to try to draw in sibs into his obsession.

on the other hand, he could be trying to forge common ground with- Wee and I s'pose this could also fall under typical teen stuff. Hmph... somehow I thought I had earned a dispensation from typical teen stuff after all his difficult child stuff!! :rofl:


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Well, Sue, here I am. The Queen of MySpace sneakiness.

If your child's profile is set to private, yes, the only people in your CHILD'S friends list can see the profile. So, for instance, if I have your son in my profile, your son's friend's cannot see my profile unless I add them, too.

However, when your child's profile is set to private, their photo, location and last log in IS still visible. Just nothing else. So, for example, my profile is set to private. Go to myspace, look me up by [email protected], and you will see what you see on a person's profile that is set to private.

Now ~ my difficult child 2, B, has a MySpace account. I am in his friends, or he is not allowed to have one. He has said to me that he is embarrassed when I leave him comments on his page, like "showing some love", etc, etc, cuz he is 15, and obviously, wants no parts of me. So, the deal is, I am a "friend" in his friends list, and I can see what he's doing, but I don't comment anymore lol. Additionally, I have all his log in information, as well as his email information, should he decide to change his information. If he would happen to block me somehow from not being able to log in, all internet privelages are blocked, permanently (not that he has them much lately anyway).

It does show the last log in. So, if someone is looking at your child's page today, but he hasn't logged in for a week, someone could message him and say, "hey man, saw you were on today, why didn't ya say hi?" LOL! Busted.

You can go to "account settings" and click the "hide Online now" button, so that it doesn't show you are actually online NOW, but the date will still show.

I would be absolutey happy to help you with anything else, as I think I've figured this out. As far as difficult child 2 goes, what I do is, I wait until days he logs in. Then I wait, until he's at camp, school (best time is school, cuz ALL the kids are in school, so nobody can catch you), then go spy on him. I read all his messages, in and outgoing, and don't feel bad about it at all.

If you're in his friends, you can see all comments and photos, all the time, always, and read blogs.

*sigh* I have no life.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: slsh</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Think I can get him into a good Catholic school for his SR year??? :hypnosis:

Not freakin' likely! It's hard enough to get them in when they're Freshmen!

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Just FYI, there is a program out there that most kids know of, and I don't recall the name right now , that is connected to My Space - somehow that they can log into and see who (including themselves) has been on their space, and how long :smile:

I think when I logged into My Space one day, I saw it at the top where the advertising is - now I gotta go check cause it is bugging me what the name of it is...

I have been advised that My Space isn't cool anymore - too many old people on it (dig to mom) and the new thing is Face Book..


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I doubt he even notices his last log in. I'd log in if you can...who cares? He's a minor by law and you can do what you want in that regard...if you think he's in danger, do it.

That aside, I obviously do not know the entire story, but if you're that fearful of his interest in his choice of religions, it can't possibly be something as benign as Wicca. Is it satanic worship? Because, if so, that's not Wiccan and anyone who tells you it is, doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Wicca has nothing to do with satanic worship in any way whatsoever and it's more than a little disconcerting that you or anyone else thinks it is.

Signing on and doing as Janna said, "hide on line now" under account settings sounds like the best way to go.


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Be careful clicking on those "see who viewed your profile" links. Most of them are viruses.

I am another Queen of Myspace Sneakiness. In fact I found out my difficult child was lying about who she went to the show with Sunday by logging onto her myspace and seeing the girlfriend she said she went with "online". Caught!!!!!!

You can turn off the last login by going to their settings, but if you think he will notice then don't do it.



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About netnanny...I bought it before N* came home from Residential Treatment Center (RTC). It records websites visited, and IM conversations. If anyone has any experience with keystroke history for netnanny, please let me know. N* noticed that netnanny won't let get to some sites, and will kick her off the computer when her time is up. She hasn't bothered to find out that it records IM conversations. I've heard about a device that can be plugged into the USB port. It is supposed to run invisibly behind the scenes. Haven't bought it yet, but might.