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    Well...I have had a few names on Mutt...I remember when you were When I first came here I was simply jscl117 because I was a newbie to the internet and had no pizazz when it came to thinking up names. Then I changed it to Corysmom, then to Dammit Janet. I like my Dammit Janet best. It just fits me.

    Not only am a I a huge Rocky Horror fan but people are always saying "Dammit, Janet" and if you holler Dammit from a distance it really does sound like you are yelling my
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    And Tony was front and center for my putting my foot up his butt and laying down rules to him in simple English.

    The first opportunity came on Sunday evening when I had been so sick all day. I had talked to Tony and we had agreed that he would call Buck and tell him not to come over that day because I was so sick. Tony had come home from being out most of the afternoon with his boss working on some of their hunting land the he went to the grocery store to get a few things. He came home and made burgers and brought me one. I was never told that anyone was here but us. So after I finished my burger, I got up out of my bed to take the plate out to the kitchen and get me some more soda (I was completely nude) and lo and behold as I turned the into the kitchen who is standing beside my sink other than BUCK! I screamed and jumped backwards so he couldnt see me but said "That Ahole isnt supposed to be here! I told you I didnt want him here today and you lied to me! Now get him the F out...NOW!"

    Then last night Tony had just come home from work and I had gone out to get some take out because I had been to the doctor all day long. Tony was talking on the phone to Jamie and I was watching Bones and slowly eating my dinner.. It was about 8:20. All of a sudden I hear something at the front door and it opens without anyone knocking. I bolted off the sofa like I had springs under my butt. I met him as soon as he got in the door good. He was fondling this box that had arrived from Amazon that day. Like what is it to him?

    First words out of my mouth were "That is a door, when you see one you knock on it. You may have been raised in a barn but civilized people know to knock before entering other peoples homes and when you come to my house you will knock or not enter. Also keep your paws off my things. If you know you didnt order a package from Amazon to be delivered here, then dont touch it. You know that is mine and you dont need to figure out what it is."

    Then I went back to my bathroom and came back out. He had come here to gather laundry. He comes out and starts standing around in the kitchen. Tony is still on the phone and showing no signs of getting off. Fine, gives me more time to do my Buck starts in on how he had seen my Keurig coffee maker at Walmart for $100. I said well they do sell units for that price but the one I got Tony was a more expensive model because it does three cup sizes. He started to argue with me that no, it was the same model. He looked closely at it. I said to him that I wasnt going to argue with him. I just bought the thing not long ago. I know they have a dorm sized one for 99 bucks and they wouldnt have the same model as Tony's for just one buck more. Not unless it was a Black friday sale and it wasnt. I just said to him...I dont care what you think, I not going to get into a battle with an unarmed man. Oh but look, its already 8:40 and my house closes at 8:00. Do not ever come back to my house past the hour of 8 again. You wont be let in. Tony and I are getting ready to go to bed from that time on and wont be entertaining any visitors.

    Well he left.

    Tony got off the phone and looked around and asked where Buck was. I told him what I told him. He laughed and said...well I guess thats why he didnt stay long. He said you really told him all that? I said yup. I guarantee he will ask you if you back me up and you darn well better either say yes or tell him you cant overrule me because its my house.

    one thing that did worry me is my dogs didnt bark when he came in because he slips in so quietly. Even Cory isnt that quiet. On the other hand, Buck can get in and out without anyone hearing him.

    I hope he got my message. We shall see. I will be out there during the evenings for the next couple of weeks and I will be sitting out there half nude. If he walks in, I will be escorting him straight back out.