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    My husband and I went to our first local Nami meeting . It is a support group for people dealing with family members with mental illness. They had a speaker on SSI benefits and I learned so much. We start a Parents to Parents class on Thursday. Compassion
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    That sounds great! NAMI has some great programs to offer. Hope the P2P class is helpful for you.
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    I'm very involved in my local chapter of NAMI. I attend a support group twice a month and will soon be trained to teach a class called NAMI Basics, which is for parents of younger children. I'm really looking forward to it.

    I'm glad you found your NAMI group helpful.
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    Good for you. And thanks for posting this as I will look into going to a meeting myself. :)
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    That's great, i've spoken to them alot yet never attended a mtg. good for you!! I'm glad you liked it.