natural cures they don't want you to know about...



Gosh I just finished speed reading this book, and now I am afraid to shower, eat or breathe, LOL. I am overwhelmed at how much we are all killing ourselves and families! Of course all of his recommendations are way unrealistic!!!!!!!!!!!! Where to begin? I am lucky I remember to change the filter on the water filter, now I need a filter for my shower? LOL, anyone on here read this book and practice it's arts? just curious>?


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No. And he bugs me every time I pass him on an infomercial! LOL! I am sure there are some things that have been found to be helpful. Worth reading I am sure. I just can not stand that guy on the infomercial!


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I read that one, too ~ cheesh!

But if you are looking for something truly informative relative to holistic health practices, check Andrew Weil's books and website. So gently written, and the science behind his theories is explained fully without alot of technical jargon or excess emotion.

Very nicely done.



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this guy ticks off my husband too. he said the book is just an ad for his website...that has all the answers. The book just whets your appetite for more. So I never actually read it and it was brought for me. He thinks it is just a scam and cannot stand him anymore.