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    I was told by the lady who owns the natural market to get difficult child to a nutritionist and get her on some vitamins. Anyone have a suggestion for somethings to try until I get her there. She's on EFA and her regular vitamins prescribed by the doctor. What could be missing? I was thinking of giving her some B complex and Vitamin E, but what's the proper dosage for a 47 pound 5 year old? Is there anything else I should try?
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    It takes vitamins awhile to produce changes, so it might be prudent to wait for the nutritionist visit. Does your daughter eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. If not, you might want to sneak in some foods that are especially packed with nutrients and try to make sure she has some time outdoors every day.
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    Thanks Nomad and typical teen. I went to the health food store today and picked up a really good Kids vitamin without any food coloring or corn syrup. Then I bought another supplement with DHA and EFAs. I picked up "Calms Forte 4 kids" also. I will keep her on it until after the holidays. It's got chamomilla and pulsatilla and a couple other things in it. I give her pulsatilla when she is congested. It's made by Hyland's and the Sinus formula works wonders for both my kids.
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    Duckie's been fairly easy child since starting her allergy shots and rotation diet. Of course, she still pretty whipped up due to the holidays. :rolleyes: I have to keep reminding myself that she has some unlearning to do. We're back to some quiet time, lots of snuggles, deep breaths, stretches and massage.
    We have her on a multivitamin named Little Angels (no dyes, yeast, preservatives or added sugars) and a calcium/magnesium supplement named Animal Parade. They seem to be working well. It's very important that she be on a good supplement regimen due to her varying dietary restrictions. She has been a little bit more restless while sleeping lately, however, since stopping the "regular' multivitamin with iron. I'll probably need for Duckie to get a blood draw to measure her iron levels in the near future. :panic:
    Personally, I think parents should get their own advent calendars. The gifts could be things like those sample-size booze bottles and chocolate. :laugh: /importthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif :laugh:
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    great idea about the calendar. Samples of Xanax would work too :laugh: . I've seen a noticeable difference in her since starting the supplements. She is much calmer and able to focus on a task longer now. It's only been a few days and I am impressed.