Need an idea on how to get back at a neighbor.

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  1. Jody

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    Oh boy guys do I need your help. I have neighbor troubles. My neighbor is a 30ish construction worker, he and his wife, have a total of 4 children age 3,4,5 and 6. Youngest are two boys and oldest girls. Well he knows my landlord and they seem to be on good terms, me not so much. I have always been respectful to him and his kids but now I have had it. I have a Golden Retriever Broady. I take him out, and I take good care of him, he is a nice dog and causes no problems. I sit on my back stoop which is on the side of their house. They have a big yard with a playground, drive way, garage and they also have a front yard. My dog goes to the bathroom out in the back and i have a garbage can, i pick up his ****, and put it in a bag in the garbage can which i dump in the front can on garbage day. Depending on my fibromyalga and if it's raining, i will let him do his business and go pick it up always within 24 hours. Sunday morning I told my daughter I have to go pick up some Broady mess, 2 piles of poop, and I asked her to pull some weeds. I found out that my neighbor has come over and picked up the two piles and thrown it on my porch. He is standing outside my backdoor with his cell phone taking pictures.

    He has made deals with me before that he would buy a stake to put in the ground if I woudl go to the side yard, which he never did, he also said he would secure it by putting it in concrete. He didn't do it, i went back to the back stoop, it's a lot more convenient for me, and frankly safer. I am in no way in his yard. He told me a month ago, that he was allergic to dog poop and that he didn't want his kids stepping in the ****. I asked him where the line was for his yard and mine and i thought i was in mine. He said oh my kids play over here all the time, and I said maybe they shouldn't if they might step in ****. OMG, I am too mad. He would not have gone to the other neighbors and said pick up your dog **** so that my kids dont step in it, because I let them play in your yard.

    I reported it to the landlord, and he was shocked but he is also the nicest guy in the world, and not sure much would be done. One friend suggested that I buy those little black fences and stick them in the yard that way his kids will know not to go in my yard and that I am claiming it for myself. His little three year old is very cute, but he comes over and says have you picked it up yet, has he pooped, did you pick it up where's your bag. I just can't believe that is what he's shown his kids, to go over to someone else's yard and thrown dog poop on their porch. I think the black fences is a good idea. My 70 lb dog won't go near a fence. For some reason he does not like them. I need some ideas what to do with this guy, I want to be vindictive. I shouldn't say that but right now I mean it. Any vindictive ideas? I'm being childish i know but I want to repay him for the deed he has done for me!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm not sure if I'm following. He picked up poop from your yard and put it on your porch, or he picked up poop from somewhere else and put it on your porch? I think that you need to pick it up immediately if Brody goes somewhere other than your own yard. If it's in your yard, it can wait, but his yard should be off limits for pooping. Obviously without fences it may happen, but it's only neighborly to pick it up immediately if it does.

    "Get back at your neighbor"? Never.
  3. AnnieO

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    He's allergic to dog poo, yet threw it on your porch?

    He doesn't want his kids stepping in it, yet they get to play in SOMEONE ELSE'S YARD?

    If the landlord has no issue with it, I'd simply tell him, I'm sorry, I'm renting THIS PROPERTY, and if your kids step in poo that's on THIS PROPERTY, they need to go back to YOUR PROPERTY.

    The little fences are good, too. Gives HIM a visual...

    Oh, yes. Feeling vindictive is fine. Doing something vindictive... Not so much. Fantasize away, but don't carry through.
  4. DaisyFace

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    Well, first things first...

    If the property line is not clearly delineated...then that needs to happen starting now. Then there is absolutely no question as to who (and what) belongs where.
  5. Jody

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    My dogs poop was outside in my yard and very clearly my yard, 10 feet at least from his yard. He wants his kids to be able to play in my yard and his yard, so he picked up my dogs poop in my yard and threw it on my porch. If I had walked out early that morning I would have stepped in it. I never allow my dog to poop in any yard other than mine. he goes to the bathroom two times a day like clockwork, in the morning and at 430-530 when I go take him out.

    I guess it's a no for being vindictive. I might have to stay a little late at work, cause I am still feeling like it could be a possiblity that I step over that line. I could make a poop line.
  6. Malika

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    Yes, clear boundaries...
    I have a little experience in neighbour trouble. On the basis of that, I would advise that you do not get into a battle with your neighbour except as a very last resort. Life on bad terms with someone in such proximity is hellish... much better to create co-operative and neighbourly heaven if you can. Try talking and resolving first - sounds like that hasn't been exhausted with this guy.
    Having said that... I now have a civilised relationship with my (frankly strange) neighbours after months of unpleasantness. What turned things around? I don't know what went on in their heads but they started being civil and respectful towards me when I started refusing to accept their bullying...
  7. hearts and roses

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    I agree, if your dog goes poop in his yard, definitely should be cleaned up ASAP. If his kids are playing in YOUR yard, that's the risk they take. If getting a small fence will help your dog stay within your yard, go for it (and also if it helps, put a "NO Tresspassing" sign on HIS side of the fence so his kids stay OUT of your yard! He has some nerve allowing his kids to play in your yard, photographing you/your home and giving you that ridiculously made up line about being allergic to dog poop but he can handle it, What???

    And lastly, there is a website called for neighbors like If the moderators remove it, just PM me.
  8. AnnieO

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    I don't know if the laws in your area are the same as around here, but... You could tell him that, for liability reasons you cannot allow his children to continue playing in your yard, given that he has informed you of his allergy to canine fecal matter, and it is possible that it has been passed down to his children.

    Just a thought...
  9. Jody

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    There is very rarely any poop left outside. Last time that I didn't pick any up immediately in my own yard, was when I took my daughter to college September 3rd. I had a friend come over and take my dog out instead of putting him in the kennel. I told her I would get the pile of poop when I came home and I did. It rained Thursday and Friday and I was really sore and went to go do it Saturday. I asked him about the property line before when he mentioned the poop out in the yard from September 3rd. This is the reply that I got, he had one lawn mower strip off his drive way and then everything else is my yard. He said well we don't worry about that much though because my kids have always played back here. I have been very neighborly and always get along with people, i just can't see that I have done anything wrong. I just like to be left alone, I do not like dealing with crazy people.
  10. muttmeister

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    It is never wrong to be the better person. I'd take him a plate of homemade cookies (and maybe a Bible) and tell thim that I'm sorry that he wants to start trouble but I'm not playing his game... and he should have a nice day and then you walk off leaving him wondering what he should do next.
  11. Mamaof5

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    Flaming doggy doo doo baggies awaaaayyyyy *sproing* *thump*...

    In all seriousness, the fence thing is a great idea. I'd also tell the landlord that this is a violation of your lease (and it is) because this dude is making it difficult to enjoy the rental that you are leasing and that it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure the enjoyable use considering you pay your rent to him. Tell him if he doesn't deal with this you will start putting the rent into escrow and he'll get his rent when he deals with this issue. You have enough on your plate with the fibro, you are ill and should not be dealing with neighbors allowing their children to encroach on your paid for property or to reduce the enjoyable state of your rental unit.

    Stick it to him...not the poop, the law.
  12. Jody

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    Oh Muttmeister, that helped me so much. I don't know why but it just clicked. I knew all along that I wouldn't do anything but I am so upset that someone would come into my yard and do that. I have been so nice to them all for him to do that has just really bothered me. He would be allergic to any cookies that I would make for him. lol.
  13. shellyd67

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    Step, I am LMBO reading your response about the allergy being passed down to the kids ... You crack me up !
  14. Jody

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    Hearts and roses, I love that website. Too funny. I might just be getting paid back for something I did do as a kid.

    My beagle, Sandy loved to run out and poop in the neighbors yard, they kept their yard so pretty. The neighbor came out with a shotgun one time and said if my dog pooped in his yard he'd shoot it. OH my goodness, I was about 10, old enough to know better. I decided I'de get back at him. I took a pile of Sandy's poop and put it into their mailbox in the 90 degree sun all day with a letter attached, if you dont want to find dog poop in your yard you'll find it in your mailbox. My Aunt who had downs syndrome and I sat and watched her come home from work and put her hand in the mailbox, shortly after that the phone rang and my mother screamed my name. I was in a bit of trouble. If my dog had pooped in his yard, He would have every right to be upset if I let my dog go over there and poop, but I never have done that, ever.
  15. ctmom05

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    Wow, I was going to suggest something similar to what Muttmeister said. However, my version is minus the bible.

    Say something like "Let's work on solving the problem we are having." Open the door to a dialogue without animosity; set the example and try to maintain it.

    You probably want to follow thru on figuring out whether the kids playing in your part of the yard actually is a liability issue or not.
  16. Mattsmom277

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    I'm a bit different as I would avoid cOnflict at all cost but also don't care
    If we don't like neighbor and vice versa. Id simply avoid war but also avoid contact.

    If it were me I'd put up the little fence and a sign saying private property mo trespassing. I'd then put a polite note in their mailbox that the fence defines their property and your propery line and you will respect their private property and ask that they an their children respect yours. If their little guy steps over the little fence I'd be nice and tell him he needs to go at in his yard because this yard belongs to someone else.
  17. Steely

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    Believe it or not I had the SAME problem in AZ. My neighbors were just evil. Tesla had poo-ed in MY front yard, and they picked it up and thew it on my front porch. They called the cops on me for disturbing the peace, when my indoor dog was barking a lot because he dying. They made me so mad - and I could not ever think of one line of recourse. One day, I had found all of these river stones underneath the sand in my front yard, and I pulled them all out to make a little pathway. They were in a pile in my front yard, and I came home and they had taken the rocks and put them in their front yard!!! That was the final straw and I just marched over there and asked for my rocks back please. They looked SO embarrassed!!! It was hilarious in retrospect. All this time they expected me to just "take it" - and when I didn't - they HATED the confrontation. From then on I went out of my way to say HI really loud, and act as if we were best friends - they would just stare at me.

    That said - I would do the same thing. Just march over there with the dog poop from your porch and say, as nice as you can - did you need to tell me something? These types of people are passive aggressive - and they can't stand confrontation. Once you take the mature step they will step back.
  18. HaoZi

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    What's that saying about good fences and neighbors? Yeah, a fence and "No Trespassing" sign is a good start. WTH are his kids doing in your yard anyway? If they get hurt in your yard, they can sue you for injuries. "Sorry my yard is not the neighborhood playground and I would appreciate if you stayed on your side of the property line." Any chance you can plant something unfriendly along the line, like some nice thorny rosebushes or poison ivy?
  19. muttmeister

    muttmeister Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but that's kinda part of the idea. LOL
  20. DammitJanet

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    Oh boy...have I been there only it wasnt that my dog (s) were relieving themselves in the neighbors yard. My dogs were just being dogs on my property or my other neighbors property...not THE neighbors property. See...THE neighbor is a man who must have a heart filled with dust because he has killed at least 3 of my dogs that we know of and severely injured another so that I had to have her put down. My dogs did nothing to him or his family or animals. He just hated me. He hated me because of my color and my race. He hated me because he couldnt control me. Problem is...he doesnt even know me. He is distantly related to Tony ...very distantly...he is married to one of Tony's mothers half sisters daughters cousins. Tony doesnt even know the woman. Never met her.

    He shot three of the dogs and poisoned another. You cannot imagine the things I wanted to do to the man. Even Tony has wanted to do things to him and Tony is mostly even tempered. We have done tiny things like throw branches over but nothing major. His cats arent safe on our property but thats because we have chickens and they eat our baby chicks. He doesnt keep them inside and if they come over to our pens...oh well. We haul them away. We do have one little thing we have to hold over his head that I dont think he knows about. We own this property and because of the placement of our property, we have an easement that runs right up the side of his property to give us a driveway to the main road. We havent had to use it because there is a dirt road we use now but if someone buys the property that the dirt road is on, we may have to use the easement. If we do, he will have to take down part of his brick outbuildings he has