need an opinion on food


Happy Fourth of July first off...

My husband decided unilaterally to change our 4th plans so I am now trying to come up with a well traveling dish to round out my course of three...

I am making cream cheese burgers.
Ground beef
Mrs. Dash
Softened cream cheese
Liquid smoke
Woshtershire sauce
Top with American cheese on the grill
Can also add blue cheese into the mix

Also making Bycroft molested beans
No that isn't my last name but it is a family recipe
Baked beans
Ketchup, mustard, woshter shire, white sugar, brown sugar, dried onions, bacon. Garlic

I'm thinking of making and this is what I can't decide on....

Deviled eggs with guacamole piped around the deviled part


Guacamole chicken salad wraps maybe with some cheese thrown in for good measure.
My guacamole is addictive and I'm craving some.

What do y'all think?
And no I don't normally cool so fatty but its a special day and I don't know the people we are having dinner with and want to be impressive.


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I vote for the chicken salad wraps. They sound more impressive to me. Also delicious, like the rest of the menu.


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Another vote for the chicken wraps, I love guacamole! Maybe you can assemble them once you get there so they don't get soggy.(My kids love that with fried onions and peppers, lettuce, tomato, cheddar and salsa). I may have to make that today also!


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Dixie, I am fascinated by the idea that there is a dish called "molested beans".

Happy Independence Day. Your menu sounds lovely, and sure to impress.


Trinity- my grandmother said beans out of a can aren't beans and you must molest them.

Thank you guys, chicken wraps it is. As soon as I find some caffeine.


Wraps are amazing!

Boiled the chicken and shredded it.

My recipe for guacamole is:
2 ripe avocados
Half of an onion diced very fine
Cilantro, dried is fine
Lawry's garlic salt
Lemon juice
I use a mini processor for dicing the onion I put a soup spoon full of lemon juice and put some cilantro in there looks speckled
After I shredded the chicken I mixed it.
Used one alive of American cheese cut in triangles.

Leave about an inch of tortilla all around the edges with nothing on it. Use tooth picks to secure and a serrated knife to cut.


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I can handle everything but the cilantro...hate the stuff!

When I make guacamole it is basically mashed avocados with a little lemon juice and salt. If Im feeling frisky I will put a dollop of Daisy on top and some diced tomatoes.


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I am lazy but they were so good. I had a rotisserie chicken, smashed an avocado but mixed it with store bought guac, added cheddar and salsa, lettuce and fries onions.....they said they're getting me a good birthday present now! Then an hour later I made Belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. They are always eating. I can't wait until school starts in 2 months,


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I love avocado's and my kids ate the heck out of it as kids. Until they grew up enough to learn other people thought some foods were icky, they never knew such a Suddenly as adults, I have picky eaters! My younger kids ate black olives, liver, avocado, collards, asparagus (collard sticks), beets, all kinds of squash. Now...just try and get them to do it!