need computer help -- can't open Control Panel

Sue C

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Can anyone help me? I cannot open my Control Panel. I am using a Dell Windows XP computer. When I click on Control Panel, the pop-up appears for a brief second with the words Control Panel on top but with a blank box under it, then all the icons and task bar on my screen disappear, then reappear.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this or what is wrong??



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This kind of stuff drives me crazy too! :hammer:

A long time ago, someone on this board suggested and they are WONDERFUL! It's a group of volunteer computer experts who answer questions and help you solve problems, and it's free. You go in and register, and then write a description of your problem. And pretty soon there are all these people popping up and offering different suggestions for you to try. They can walk you through the steps. These people helped me out twice with some problems that were driving me crazy, and both times I was able to fix it myself using their suggestions!

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The link donna gave you is really good.

If they don't know or can't help when I come home from school I can run the problem past T and see what he thinks. He's asleep at this wee hour.

I can't stand it when my computer acts up.


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Out of curiosity, have you just tried to reboot the entire system. Sometimes, like our difficult children, :hammer: Windows gets stuck.


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I like the way you equate Windows to a difficult child!

We're Mac people, although we've all had some experience with PCs. difficult child 3 can troubleshoot in both. I used PCs at a publication where I used to work - they had several computer techs permanently on staff. Our computer used to crash at least once every shift. And I only worked a three hour shift! I had to keep my mouth shut about Mac, my boss began to get very niggly, even when all I was doing was comparing which key stroke command to use on her box compared to mine at home. It got so she would yell at me for even smiling in what she said was a smug manner, just because we'd had yet another virus crash the work system. And I wasn't smiling at all - I HATED having to use my notepad instead of the computer!