Need Help Finding Something to Talk About?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Mar 9, 2011.

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    There is an iphone app that can help when you don't know what to talk about in social situations. Table Topics will pop up questions to help you keep the conversation going.

    I can see SOOOOO many ways this could help with the social challenges that face many of us and our kids. We might have to figure out our own set of questions to get kid-appropriate ones, but this can't be too hard. I can just see so many uses. Question sets for different age kids, for different interests (sports mad vs the D&D set, etc...)

    What uses or situations can you see this helping in, wiht a few changes maybe?

    Here is a link to the program in the apple store:
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    I have a smart phone - but I'm not app savy. Are there free aps you can download? And how? NO I AM NOT KIDDING.

    I went to the APP thing on my phone and it just pulls up ORDER YOUR MICKEY MOUSE SCREEN SAVER - PAY NOW - hopeless - I am so electronically hopeless.

    I still want that flashlight thing like Nancy had - that sounded so cool - and my phone is only a year old. Samsung Flight.
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    I don't have a phone that can do that. I hope someone else can walk you through it. Then if I eveer get one you can tell me who helped you and I will ask them to help me too.