Need help regarding easy child and college/financial aid

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Apr 13, 2010.

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    easy child is 22 years of age and files her tax returns as an independent. I cannot legally claim her as she works full time and only attends a community college part time.

    She has recently decided to attend school full time come this fall and filed her FAFSA. Unfortunately, because at 22 they still consider her a dependent of ours (*until they are 24!!!!) we had to include our financials along with hers. Needless to say, she didn't qualify for any federal aid and was referred to take out a personal student loan. She applied using both H and me as her co-signers and both times she was denied (we are maxed out with our credit, both having just gotten into new vehicles and I am still paying on her parent plus loans from 3 years ago-so forget that plan).

    Anyway, she tried to speak with the financial aid officers at her school and they have proven worthless and keep telling her to just try and secure a loan for herself. She called FAFSA to better understand the age/independent status rule and they referred her back to the school, claiming that through FAFSA she is considered a dependent until she's 24 no matter her or our financial status, living arrangements, etc. The only way she can be considered an independent under 24 is if she were married!!! They said that her school may be able to find a way around the federal rule and help her get a loan. She called and left a message.

    I know that there are so many savvy parents here, I was hoping someone would be able to help or point us in the right direction. I am clueless at this point and I can't call on her behalf, as she is over 19 and they won't even consider discussing this with me at all! Argh.

    So, any advice? Thanks in advance!
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    Son #2 was able to get additional loans after Hubby and I were denied (I have enough out on student loans, thank you very much), but I don't know the details. If I can pin him down, I'll ask what he did.
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    As long as she files taxes and you do not claim her as a dependent than she does NOT have to include your information on her FASFA.
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    Well, Jana has been in the army---I guess that's why she is seen as independent.
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    M got aid because he had been a ward of the court as a juvenile. The only other way is if you are in jail or likely to harm your child if they contact you - ie: a no contact order is in place.
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    Thank you ladies. EW, the fact sheet basically confirms that there is no way our info can be excluded and the application still be considered by FAFSA. If her school reviews the paperwork that ,in and of itself, will be a miracle as they have odd hours and only TWO people in the financial aid office.

    Just seems ridiculous to me that at age 22 she can marry, rent an apt or a car, buy a car, etc., but she can't take out a student loan. And since Stafford loans are no longer available after June, they already put the kabosh on that plan.
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    Is there someone else who can be her co-signer? The only way easy child got his loans is by having Grandpa be the co-signer. Grandpa has a fantastic credit score. All we did was take a term-life insurance policy out on easy child with Grandpa as the beneficary in case anything happens to easy child.