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    difficult child was so great on Saturday. I mean, wow, if I could only have that child every day. But then pieces started coming together for me yesterday. I was scraping paint off the floor Saturday morning and she came out of her bedroom and said, "Let me do that mom. You can do something else." I was shocked and ecstatic! She got every little tiny piece off of the floor. Her behavior was incredible through out the day, but I noticed I had not seen her eat a thing all day. Nothing. And this is normally a girl that will clean out a refrigerator in a given day. Also, she was sniffling all day. At first I thought it may be a cold, but haven't heard her sniffle again since Saturday. Friday night, I let her have a girlfriend over. I am thinking the girlfriend brought "treats" if you know what I mean. Now my question is, what do I do?? If I ask her about it she is just going to lie. No matter what, she will lie. I found a pen cut in half (obviously used for snorting) and a couple of sandwich bags. Should I have them tested? If so, where? The police station?
    Right now, difficult child is off doing some community service and my house is peaceful! She has been asking me lately why I look at her the way I do, like I hate her. Truth is I know I am holding a LOT of resentment for her behavior and how she treats every one in this house and I am SO TIRED OF IT! Obviously it is beginning to show. I can't help it. She is taking any ounce of love and hope I had for her and squashing it. Like a bug.
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    Hmm, the Sheriff's office just dropped off a subpeona for little miss difficult child and happened to inform me that the last time she came by (I was not home, I was at the office), there were three boys outside sitting on the front porch with difficult child. She is NOT supposed to have any one here when we are not here. What else could I expect from her?? Grr...