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    ...for a baby shower. That is the one thing that I haven't thrown before and I'm planning one for my sister. Anyone have any good game or decoration ideas? The only concrete thing I have in mind at this time is to have all of the guests write down their best or favorite parenting tip/advice. (FYI: there probably won't be a father in the picture...or at least not a consistant one)

    I'm sending the invites out this week but still have plenty of time to come up with games and stuff. The shower isn't until 2/21.

  2. KTMom91

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    A baby-related word scramble? Race to see who can diaper the doll first while blindfolded?

    For the advice tidbits, have each guest write on a pretty little piece of paper, then put it together in a notebook for your sister. If the tips are helpful, they'll be easily accessible. If they're funny, she'll have something to laugh at.
  3. Andy

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    Ask one person to hold a tray full of baby items - diapers, bottles, ect. Give everyone one minute to memorize what they see. Have the person leave the room with the tray and then ask everyone to describe what the person was wearing.

    Wrap and number a variety of baby items. Pass the items around and have the guests write down what they think that item may be.

    I like the blindfolder diapering race that KTMom suggested. The baby word scramble is also fun.

    Find a list of baby animals. You read one of the words (like: kitty) and people write what the adult to that is. Or you can say the adult word and they write the word the baby is referred as.

    A common one is to pass around a roll of toilet paper - everyone is to take "what they need" (don't explain, just say, "just take what you need"). Then each person says one thing about each square they took. I have been to those that you say something about yourself, but you can adjust it to a babyshower topic - like one piece of advice per square or come up with a baby name for each square you have.
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    oh you have to play guess the diaper game! HOwever it's not for the faint of heart!

    You get 8-10 disposable diapers and 8-10 different chocolate candy bars (example: milkyway, milk dudds, peanut butter cups, almond joy, snickers, skor bar, raisenettes ect ect) melt each candy in the micro on a plate for about one minute then smoosh it into the numbered diapers (this can be done prior to the shower, but it's always nice if they're still alittle warm, don't forget to write down what's in which diaper for reference later)

    At the shower pass around the diapers to each person, have them write on a piece of paper what they think is in each diaper. People can smell and touch, but no tasting!

    This game is always a hit, one of our Mom to be almost broke her water, she was laughing so hard!!!!

    There's also the safety pin game, but a large pack of safety pins (variety sizes) and dump into a bowl full of rice (anykind), take turns blindfolding people and having them try to find safty pins in the rice bowl, it's not easy at all!!!!!!
  5. susiestar

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    There is a game where you buy several different kinds of baby food (different flavors). Then you pass them around and people can smell them, look at them, even take a TINY taste using a Popsicle stick dipped in (clean one for each person). Then they have to guess what the name of each baby food is. Some, like corn and the meats or meat sticks are easier to identify. But things like Tutti Frutti Dessert and other combos like that are hard to figure out.

    the key is to soak off the labels of each one, after you number the jars and write down an answer key. Just be sure not to soak off the numbers!

    There is also a game where you have rolls of toilet paper and each person takes as many squares as they think will go all the way around the mom-to-be without overlapping. The person who gets closest wins.

    I have also seen a race where a number of baby bottles were purchased - one for each person there. The bottles are filled with a beverage (generally not alcoholic or sparkling) and the nipple is put on the bottle. People race to see who can empty the bottle fastest. At the end, the Mom to Be ends up with the bottles, so she is all prepared for when her baby needs them. Or they can be washed and donated to a charity if there are too many bottles.

    I have seen it with full 8 oz bottles, with 4 oz in each bottle, no matter teh size, and with 1 or 2 oz in the bottle, no matter if it is a 4 oz or 8 oz bottle. It goes MUCH faster with just 1 or 2 oz in the bottle.

    I have also seen it where the contestants can choose coffee, tea, punch, water or whatever in the bottle.

    It is nice to ask the mom to be if she is using regular bottles, the ones with the disposable liners, or some other kind.

    I was at one baby shower where one game was for everyone to take markers and see who could decorate a nursing pad in the most creative, or artistic, or whatever way. There were different criteria, such as number of colors, had to be abstract, had to look like an animal, had to look like a food, had to look like ??? All it took was a box of disposable nursing pads and a bunch of markers. (I thought this one was really strange, esp after I saw some of the things people drew. Anyone ever see a nursing pad that looked like a penguin?)

    I DO have a good punch recipe. You take a can of frozen juice concentrate - white grape raspberry if you want pink, white grape peach if you want a lighter color, whatever flavor you want. Then you pour a 2 liter of lemon-lime soda or ginger ale over the slightly softened frozen juice concentrate. Mix it up and it makes a great punch. And it is VERY easy, and you can adjust it to whatever your tastes prefer, or if you wanted to, to a color scheme depending on the frozen juice concentrate.

    HAve fun with your shower!
  6. Kjs

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    You should ask Dreamer. Didn't she just put on a shower for her daughter? i believe she had a list of games and such.
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    I had everyone pin a diaper pin to their shirt and if someone else caught them crossing their legs, they had to give up their diaper pin. Whoever had the most at the end of the shower won the 'big prize'.
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    Thanks everyone! These are some great ideas. Some of them I've seen before, some I haven't. The diaper while blindfolded is one I don't think I've seen before.....might have to do that one!

    I'll let you know how it goes.
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    My advice for the new Mom is this: Take sandwich size ziplocs and put 3 to 6 baby wipes in each one and seal them. Put one ziploc in the diaper bag for each diaper you have, plus one extra. Then, when you have to change the baby, take out a diaper and a ziploc. You will have just enough wipes, and then the diaper can be taped up and put in the ziploc. If you cannot throw the diaper away right away for some reason (like the doctor's office when Jess was born where you had to take the diapers away with you because otherwise they had to pay for hazardous waste disposal) then the ziploc will control any offending odors.

    Just be sure to put the wipes inside the diaper before you tape it shut.

    Sandwich size ziplocs will hold a taped together diaper up to a size 5, or at least that was where we got to with our kids.

    And when you are ready to travel with less stuff, such as with-o the entire diaper bag, you can grab a ziploc and a diaper and go.
  10. mstang67chic

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    Ohhhhh..........GOOD one! I'll be sure to tell her that. Thanks!
  11. trinityroyal

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    All the baby shower games I know have already been mentioned by others. I think the blindfold diaper one sounds like a hoot.

    My advice to the new Mom is:
    Receiving blankets. LOTS of receiving blankets. The thin ones, about 2 x 3 feet, made of cotton flanellette (sp?). I used to keep about 10 of them in the diaper bag. They fold up nicely and can fit into tiny corners, and they are infinitely useful as:
    1) A clean surface if you need to lay your baby down and you're not sure how clean the table / counter / mat / whatever is.
    2) An "urp cloth" to cover your clothes when burping the baby. Avoids the nasty white stains on your back.
    3) As a nursing shield, if you're modest and have to nurse in front of other people.
    4) Extra lightweight warmth
    5) You can swaddle the baby, if that helps to soothe him or her (Little easy child HATED it, but I hear lots of other babies love it)
    6) Mopping up miscellaneous spills
    7), when you have a particularly messy diaper to contend with.
    8) A full-length bib, if you forgot to bring one

  12. DammitJanet

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    Baby Bingo.

    And I have a very cute decoration set that I can send you.
  13. Star*

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    THERE ARE A TON of FREEBIE WEB SITES out there for baby stuff - samples etc. Need those? How about Sending to the mfg. for coupons on diapers, wipes etc for prizes?

    I remember the last shower I was at - I was 7 - (our family NOT very prolific and no one put on a shower for me and Dude) soooo

    era 1970 -

    Game 1: Get a basket and put clothespins in it. See how many you can grab with one hand. Winner is obviously the one with the most pins. It works better with the old fashioned kind, wood - straight - because you used to have to wash out the cloth diapers after washing and then pin them on the line.

    Game 2: Ok - Golden Guru got that one - it's a blast really - women are SO competitive.

    Game 3: Stork toss....this is ONLY for women who have no desire to have anymore children and the one that tosses the frozen turkey just kidding.

    I'll ask around -
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    Oh wait....this is from Star.

    Never mind. Don't want to know. :slap: