Need Input - Part 3 - Follow Up Report

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Feb 22, 2011.

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    At the "gathering" before school today, difficult child told the other boys that H told his mom that difficult child called her a certain name (one she told me about). H is denying it! He says that is not what he told his mom. However, he is not telling difficult child what he told her. And if he did not tell her that, than why did she use that term when telling me how difficult child is harrassing her son by calling her names? hmmmm

    I would really like to know what sort of conversation he had with his mom that brought this all about? My imagination goes, "Mom, for the sleep over I want my Black Ops game back." "No, you are not having it back - too much bad language" "So? All the kids swear, even difficult child" "I am not allowing it in this house!" "It's because T's mom says no isn't it? difficult child says if we don't let T come than you will allow this game" "difficult child does not make the rules for this house." "difficult child says you are a ******* and T's mom is a %%%%%" "O.K., where is the phone? I will talk with difficult child's mom!"

    No problems at all today! :)

    I did find out that she went out and bought another PS3 game for the boys who did attend the sleep over to play. Apparently the ONLY games they have for it is the banned Black Ops and a girly game for H's sister. Interesting that they could not have a sleep over without using the PS3 gaming system. I am pretty sure that they have a Wii system. What an expensive sleep over!
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    The entire situation seems really strange. Why does she think it is so important to provide this game? I guess if it is a new system you might not have games and if it is new the kids might want playing it to be the focus of the sleepover. I can see that happening. I just cannot think why she is letting her son push this way and blame others - I know that when my kids start stuff like that they are not giving me the whole story - often not even close to it.

    She really seems to have buckled to this kid in many ways that seem odd to me. i am picking up on a lot of discomfort from you regarding the entire situation. I would feel the same way. The boy sounds like an Eddie Haskell type who gets his way by lying and manipulating and has his mom so bamboozled or worn down that he is largely in control.

    on the other hand, maybe the boy earned the sleepover with a new game for all the boys to play for accomplishing something. Sorry the friendship is so fraught with minefields. I hope your difficult child doesn't start to expect the same things from you.
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    And I want to know why she couldnt just rent a couple of games from wherever they now rent games? I am assuming there are still places out there!

    Of course, how old are these boys? Im sure Black Ops is going to be played by all no matter what the parents think or want so its probably a basket C in the end.
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    I posted a thread about "Black Ops" yesterday. difficult child plays it and I am against it to the max. husband and I are having a huge sit down this weekend. The stomach flu is going thru the house at the moment and I just don't have the strength right now. Oh the drama of difficult child's ...
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    He did not earn the sleepover. It was something the boys decided on their own.

    I have not seen Black Ops - According to H's mom it is full of swearing and sexual induendos. The boys are 14 years old - really starting to show interest in this type of stuff. Why can't kids be as interested in age appropriate stuff? Always going for the junk they are not old enough for? Fine with me if she doesn't allow it in her home and I will back her rules for her house to difficult child anytime. It is none of our business if we agree or disagree, we follow the rules of the home we are in. I just don't like her son using my son's name to try to force his mom's hand in giving this game back to him. Why in the world would she buy it for him in the 1st place? It is rated M - oh, yeah, because he wanted it and told her that difficult child has it or plays it (so not true!). It blows me away that she actually believes everything her son tells her that I allow! Just because difficult child says, "Oh, I can do that!" doesn't mean he is allowed to do that.

    difficult child has an X-Box 360. It was a huge decison on H's side if he should get an X-Box or PS3. (trying to keep up with or surpass difficult child) I think H is playing his PS3 against difficult child's X-Box and had to have a brand new game to show his friends that he gets games whenever he wants. I know they have a Wii that could have been done instead. No wonder H's mom is going nuts - who can really live the world of keeping up with the neigbors? She tries so hard to outshine us and fit in with the "right" group of people. I want to tell her to chill out and not make life so complicated. Her life would really be a living he!! if I played that game right along with her. Hahaha!

    I am so glad difficult child didn't spend the night - the last sleepover H had that difficult child did not go to his mom found some bad stuff on his Ipod or phone or something. She could not blame difficult child for that one! :) Another reason I discourage difficult child over there - anything that goes wrong WILL be blamed on him. I really secretly love seeing this **** happen when difficult child is not involved but than again whoever else is around will always be the problem child introducing who knows what to her precious innocent son.

    H is obsessed with guns. No respect for them at all! His mom is terrified that my son will shoot her son. She is living in a state of panic. I am the one who should live in fear of a shooting accident caused by her son. My son is not obsessed over guns. It is not my son who ordered air guns. Remember, H ordered air guns after convincing his mom that difficult child is allowed to and shoots them ALL the time! Hmmm, she should have called me 1st. After they were ordered she asked what I thought about them. I told her no way, the boys are way too young (a line she uses), and absolutely not for this neighborhood. I told her that the only time difficult child touched an airgun was at H's birthday party and though his mom is terrified of guns, he had to have an airgun party because that is what EVERY OTHER KID was having for their party (not difficult child's other friends - I had never heard about it until then). difficult child never asked to go back and did not even participate in the event. She quickly canceled the order or returned the guns.


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    No joke on the airguns! We had/have real guns and they certainly werent birthday party My kids didnt even get into the paintball guns until they were almost grown. I think Jamie got one when he was 17 which would have made Cory 15 but the guns were really Jamie's. They only lasted until Jamie left for the Marines though. All interest died then. I think it was mostly a nervous energy type thing with the boys while waiting for Jamie's enlistment to arrive so they played Army with the paintball guns in our field. When he left, no one wanted to even think about it. I dont even know what happened to those guns.

    I guess I am lucky we never had the keeping up problems. The boys only had a few friends and most were either relatives or they knew them from way back.